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Free deposits for lifetime? Take advantage of our September offer

Utilize a great time-limited discount and get a lifetime remission of the payment processing fee on all your Finax accounts.

Team Finax | News | 31. August 2021

If you deposit at least 5000 euros into Finax during September, we will cancel your payment processing fee!

Finax automatically charges a payment processing fee (1% + VAT) for deposits lower than 1000 euros.

Invest with only one fee for portfolio management, profitably, with widely spread risk, without tax liability and comfortably online from the living room.

To receive the discount, simply deposit a total of 5000 euros or the equivalent in a foreign currency during September. If you invest at least 5000 euros in any number of payments to any of your accounts during September, we will waive the payment processing fee from the 1st of October 2021 for a lifetime on all accounts opened before that date.

If you are not yet a client of Finax, do not hesitate. Open an account online, add as many accounts as you need, deposit at least 5000 euros and invest for lifetime without the payment processing fee.

Start investing today 

We are bringing you the discount in accordance with our goal of gradually reducing the price of our services and after the extraordinary success of the offer in January this year, during which it was necessary to deposit 10000 euros one-off in order to waive the fee.

Get outright 2 or even 3 discounts! The special September discount can be combined with discounts for transferring an investment and for inviting a friend.

Finax portfolios outperform the vast majority of Slovak competition in terms of performance. Transfer your wealth into a better place and start pampering it.

Discount conditions:

  • a minimum deposited amount of 5000 euros or the equivalent in a foreign currency (CZK, PLN, HUF or HRK),
  • monitored period from 1.9. to 30.9.2021 inclusive,
  • during this period, the funds in the minimum required amount must be credited to the client's accounts,
  • deposits can be made in any number of payments and also to several accounts under one portfolio management contract (one client),
  • lifetime remission of the fee for processing payments lower than 1000 euros (1% + VAT) from 1.10.2021,
  • the discount also applies to new contracts and newly opened accounts (not accounts that will be opened after 30.9.2021),
  • automatic cancellation of the fee on all existing accounts from 1.10.2021,
  • the granting of discounts will be evaluated on 1.10.2021, when the client's total deposits during September will be checked and, if the conditions are met, the client will receive a cancellation of the payment processing fee on all accounts opened on 1.10.2021 from this date,
  • the discount can be combined with other standard discounts for inviting acquaintances and transferring investments,
  • Many accounts are not charged a payment processing fee (Intelligent Wallet, Elite clients, some clients of financial agents, clients with discounts from previous offers), hence check in the account overview whether you are charged the fee,
  • Finax reserves the right to refuse to grant a discount or to cancel it in the case of speculative deposits and withdrawals, e.g. in the case of withdrawing funds from the account and re-depositing them or in the case of a deposit meeting the conditions of the offer being made and and subsequently withdrawn within a period of several weeks.

Thank you for investing intelligently.

Team Finax
Team Finax
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