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Merry Christmas with Finax – gift more, get more

Give your friends the most valuable Christmas gift, one that won't end up in a closet or get covered in dust in the loft. Give them a better future. Invite them to Finax and we will manage up to 100 thousand of their euros free of charge for the entire year. You will also get an unusually generous discount.

Team Finax | News | 15. November 2021

Christmas is a holiday of companionship and gifting. On the occasion of this special period, Finax has prepared an original gift for you and your loved ones.

Give your friends a better future – give them financial freedom. Make this Christmas truly unforgettable for many years to come.

We are bringing a generous promotion, thanks to which your friends can invest for a full year free of charge. Let’s join forces in teaching them to build wealth and bring financial independence to their lives.

However, we're not thinking solely about your friends. Christmas at Finax will be generous to you as well.

From 15.11. until 9.1.2022, a special Christmas promotion for inviting friends will be taking place. Each activated invitation during this period means special discounts, regardless of the method of sending it:

For you, higher discounts

You will receive a great reward for your generosity in the form of higher discounts for activated invitations. Depending on the height of your friend’s accumulated deposits made between 15.11. and 9.1.2022, you can get 3000, 12000, or 60000 euros maintained for a year free of charge.

The special discount for the activated invitation will be applied to your account from 1.1.2022 to 31.12.2022.

For instance, if the new client you invited deposits 27 000 euros in four payments to Finax accounts between mid-November and the end of the year, we will manage 12 000 for you without any portfolio management fee throughout the next year.


Invitations are mutually combinable, i.e. you can invite more than one friend and get one of these discounts per each active invitation.

If you are not a Finax client and do not know any person who is a Finax client and could invite you among intelligent investors, do not despair.

Open an account conveniently online, deposit your first investment, and invite your friends. This way, you will not miss the extraordinary Christmas promotion, and together with your friends, you will take advantage of generous discounts, investing more cheaply.

For the invited, 100 000 euros maintained free of charge

All deposits of the invited friend credited to his/her Finax accounts from 15.11. until 9.1.2022 will be maintained without a portfolio management fee for the entire year. The maximum height of deposits managed with a waived fee is 100 thousand euros, thanks to which your friend can save up to 1200 euros.

For example, if an invited new client deposits 3000 euros in November and 10000 euros in December, we will exempt the amount of 13000 euros from the portfolio management fee for 1 year. He/she will not be charged for this amount for a period of 12 months, only paying the fee for the part of the account value exceeding this figure.

Discounts for the invited will be credited at the end of November, resp. at the end of December reflecting the value of deposits made in that month.

Discounts are valid for one year or until the friend’s first withdrawal.

The condition for obtaining discounts in the case of clients of agents is that the invited friend also signs a contract mediated through the financial agent of the inviting client. All options of sending invitations might not be available to the clients of agents.

Sending an invitation to a friend is simple. Thanks to our new feature you can also send invitations from the Finax mobile application. Read how to send an invitation via the application, or by logging in to your account online, in our new blog here.

Do not hesitate. Make your and your loved ones’ Christmas more beautiful. And not just this year, but all the future ones as well. Help them build wealth while also rewarding yourself.

Thank you for your support and trust in the fourth year of Finax's existence. We are proud of you for helping us increase the financial literacy and living standards in Slovakia.

Team Finax
Team Finax
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