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Now Is the Best Time to Invest: with a Discount of 50-100%

Do you still have a significant amount of money in your bank account or unprofitable products? Right now is the best time to do something about it. Not only will you take advantage of the market downturn, but you can also get a 50-100% discount on the management fee. Be sure to act fast!

Juraj Šnirc | News | 1. November 2022

Intelligent Investors Invest Cheaper in November

Every deposit of at least €10,000 credited in November will yield a 50% discount – we'll manage half of your deposit free of charge for an entire year.

For instance, if you deposit €15,000 into your Finax accounts during November 2022, we'll manage €7,500 free of charge for one year.

The offer applies equally to both existing and new clients. Simply send a deposit to a Finax account, and you will automatically receive a discount.

Deposit at a Discoun

The financial markets offer a once-in-a-decade opportunity. That's why we are going out of our way to help investors. Your investment volumes should grow in these times. Similar moments determine your ability to achieve future above-average returns by investing at lower "sale" prices.

Take advantage of the market opportunity at a discount. This decision will reward you handsomely, and we want to make the choice easier for you.

Discounts are Combinable - Get a Full Fee Waiver for a Year

The November discount for a cumulative deposit of €10,000 is traditionally combinable with other discounts, e.g., the current doubled invitation discount or the 50% investment transfer discount.

The standard investment transfer discount amounts to half of the value of the transferred investment managed at no charge for 2 years.

Hence, if you transfer your investments from another financial institution, the combination of the new deposit discount and the investment transfer discount will get you 100% of the deposit managed at no charge during the first year, changing to 50% managed at no charge during the second year.

Remember, the following investments are accepted to qualify for the transfer discount:

  • mutual funds,
  • managed portfolios,
  • investment and capital life insurance,
  • direct investments in stocks, bonds, and ETFs,
  • building society savings,
  • cryptocurrencies,
  • real estate.

Move your underperforming investments to Finax, utilize declining markets and attractive discounts, and secure a permanent tax exemption on your investments. Finax portfolios outperform most competitors in terms of returns.

Conditions to Qualify for Discounts

The decisive criterion is cumulative deposits. That means you can also make several deposits into multiple accounts in November, and if the total value of the deposits reaches at least €10,000, the discount is yours.

Start investing today 

You will receive the investment transfer discount by providing proof of another investment’s termination dated no more than 30 days before the funds were deposited into Finax. More information on the discount and conditions for receiving it can be found here.

Discounts for deposits of at least €10,000 will be automatically credited to your accounts no earlier than 05.12.2022, effective from 1.12.2022 to 30.11.2023, or until your first withdrawal.

We generally credit the investment transfer discount effective from the date of deposit of the transferred investment for 2 years or until your first withdrawal.

You will be notified of receiving the discounts by a confirmation email. You can check the amount of the discount in your quarterly statement. A list of active discounts will soon also be added to the account overview and mobile app.

Finax reserves the right to refuse to credit a discount in cases of speculative withdrawals and subsequent re-deposits.

Juraj Šnirc
Juraj Šnirc
Head of Marketing
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