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Reduce your asset management fee with invitations - even to zero

Special offer only until the end of April! Let your friends open an account with your invitation and get a great discount for both of you.

Lucia Šimonová | News | 7. April 2021

Discount for recommending Finax has been available for a long period. More than 2400 of our clients have already started investing in Finax thanks to the invitations. But now we increased the discount!

Special discount amount

If your acquaintance opens an account in Finax upon your invitation and activates it by making their first investment by the end of April 2021, you will both receive a special discount on the management fee for one year. The amount of the discount depends on the amount of your friend's first deposit:

Finax zľava - poplatky

How to get the discount

Send your friend the unique recommendation link that you can find it in the Invite Friends section after logging into your account on our website (it is not possible to send invitations via the app, yet). You can also invite your friends, colleagues, or family members by email.


The condition for obtaining the discount is the activation of your friend's account by receiving the first deposit by the end of April. The discount therefore also applies to previous invitations (not necessarily sent in April). Once the conditions are met, the discount will be activated automatically.

Remember that an email invitation is only valid for 30 days, however, it can be resent.

We also remind you that the discounts at Finax are combinable, so the more acquaintances you invite, the cheaper you invest. Besides, this discount can be combined with the one for transferred investments to Finax.

We believe some of your acquaintances are also looking for a way to invest efficiently, without necessarily paying high fees and taxes on profits. Introduce them to an easy way to build wealth. Share your experience with Finax and earn even more.

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