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Are ETFs a bubble? | Finax.EN
27. November 2019

Are ETFs a bubble?

Recently, there have been reports going around in the media criticizing passive investing and warning of ETFs. Among the authors of these negative news can be found not only legendary investors, but also Slovak brokers. Do investments in ETFs really carry a higher risk? Finax has built the portfolios on these great tools, so we see it as our duty to clarify this matter.

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22. November 2019

High fees are one of your biggest expenses

If your bank or your portfolio manager issued an invoice on tens of thousands of euros, you would think, that it must be some kind of a bad joke. It might sound ridiculous, but it is happening every single day and even without “the invoice“. Overpriced financial products are hindering better future for thousands of people.

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6. November 2019

Do you want get rich? Invest long-term

Warren Buffett, one of the richest people in the world, bought his first equities at the age of 11 and continues to buy them even today. At the same time, he says: "I regret that I did not start investing earlier". Buffett's path to wealth is the embodiment of the compound interest principle. Up to 99% of his property was earned after his 50th birthday.

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29. October 2019

Right allocation - key to high returns and right risk

Investing is not about finding the top and the bottom of the markets. One of the most effective risk management tools and a key ingredient to successful investment is the correct allocation. What does this term mean, and why is it so important? What is the role of bonds in the portfolio and is it worth investing even with a short investment horizon?

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24. October 2019

What risks do i take when investing?

Most people are worried about investing. They know that there are some risks involved. We all fear losing hard-earned money. Should we really be afraid of investing and rather let the money depreciate by holding cash and inflation? What exactly should we worry about? What are the real threats in asset appreciation and can we reduce the risks? Can I lose all the money with Finax?

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Diversification - how to earn more with lower risk | Finax.EN
9. May 2019

Diversification - how to earn more with lower risk

Diversification is key to passive investing. It is also a great and simple tool that reduces the risk of investment and enables long-term stable return. Finax offers portfolios with the highest degree of diversification in the Slovak market. How does diversification work, what does it stand for and why is it important to your investment?

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19. November 2018

Do not try to time the markets, you will earn less

Every day, we witness the vain effort of investors trying to time their investments. Many people postpone it for years with the naive hope of a more profitable purchase. However, this is a pointless effort that robs them of earnings. In the end, those who are scared and who speculate, render their wealth worthless.

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15. April 2018

You don`t have to be rich to invest properly

Finax offers fair and attractive investment conditions, which are the same for everyone. We bring to Slovakia the possibilities that small investors could until now only dream of.

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