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What is the intelligent regular withdrawal? | Finax.eu
27. March 2020

What is the intelligent regular withdrawal?

The goal of investing is to secure income and to maintain or even improve the standard of living after the end of the investor's active career. Finax also has the post-asset building phase in mind and offers a unique solution for clients, who want to enjoy their acquired assets. Intelligent regular withdrawal is a payout portfolio. What does it look like and why is it ideal solution for your pension?

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Transfer your investments to finax and recieve a discount of 10% | Finax.en
17. March 2020

Transfer your investments to finax and recieve a discount of 10%

Finax offers a unique investment tool with revolutionary benefits for your money. If you already invest with somebody, we will take that into consideration. Now you can invest even more effectively. In addition to favorable conditions, we offer you a discount on your investment transferred to Finax - we will manage 10% of its value free of charge.

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6. November 2019

How are your assets protected in Finax?

Safety of assets is always a priority. It plays an important role when assessing the quality of investment. Find out how we keep your money secure and what we do in order to protect your savings that you plan to invest with Finax.

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8. October 2019

What is a robo-advisor?

How does it function? What algorithms does it use? Set up your account correctly to avoid inconveniences in the future.

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21. August 2018

How do we choose our ETFs?

You have probably already noticed that Finax portfolios are mixed from ten ETF funds depending on the level of risk the client is willing and able to carry/to handle. But how did we choose specific securities and why is the composition of the portfolios such as you see in your accounts?

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27. April 2018

Free Finax account - how to get it?

Fees significantly affect the outcome of your investment. If you want your Intelligent Investing costs to be as low as possible or even zero, then this article offers you instructions on how to get your account completely for free.

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17. April 2018

Where does the higher performance of Finax come from?

Profits of Finax Intelligent Investing outperform the returns of competing mutual funds, as well as the capital markets themselves. We found and analyzed the reasons for our higher performance.

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29. March 2018

Why do we rebalance our portfolios?

Finax has brought automated regular rebalancing as one of several novelties to the Slovak market. What does this foreign word mean and what benefits does it offer for your investment?

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