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Finax's Plans for 2024 | Finax.eu
1. March 2024

Finax's Plans for 2024

The year 2024 will be marked by Finax's expansion with the goal of making it a renowned international company in the field of investing and retirement savings. Read on to learn how we plan to advance Finax on its journey to success.

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Enhanced Security: Introducing KBC as Our New Custodian | Finax.eu
15. December 2023

Enhanced Security: Introducing KBC as Our New Custodian

Ensuring the security of client assets is one of our top priorities. As the volume of assets under our management has been growing, we recognized the need for continuous improvements in this area. Therefore, we are proud to announce that your wealth will now be safeguarded by one of Europe's leading custodians: the Belgian bank KBC.

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10 Daily habits that will help you save money | Finax.eu
27. October 2023

10 Daily habits that will help you save money

As the saying goes, habit is the second nature. If we acquire bad financial habits, our „second nature“ will limit us financially. If we want to lead a better life, we need to change our habits. We bring you 10 simple daily habits. If you manage to adopt them in your daily life, in a couple of years you will have saved a solid amount of money.

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Smart Deposit - the killer of savings and term accounts | Finax.eu
22. September 2023

Smart Deposit - The Killer of Savings and Term Accounts

Central banks have raised interest rates significantly. Deposit your money liquidly at market interest rates that banks will not offer you without extra conditions in their checking and savings accounts. Start appreciating even short-term savings. The Conservative Smart Deposit with a 3.6% yield is built on ETFs that aim to replicate the interest rate of central bank and bond ETFs with maturities of up to half a year.

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5. August 2023

Stop living paycheck to paycheck

The week before payday is the longest week of the month for many people. Are you also counting days until the payday so you can finally go on a shopping spree? Today I will show you a way out of this vicious circle of waiting for paycheck and consumption.

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1. July 2023

We're Keeping Our Word and Making It Cheaper: The Deposit Fee Is Over

Last October, we made a promise to you that we would abolish the deposit fee after reaching total deposits of €500 million. We are proud to announce that we have achieved this goal together. We are abolishing the payment processing fee for good.

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6. April 2023

Is My Money Safe in the Bank?

In recent weeks, people's confidence in the banking system has been shaken by the collapse of some major US banks and the second largest Swiss bank, Credit Suisse. What should you do if you are worried about your bank deposits? Is your fear justified?

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31. March 2023

Free Finax account - how to get it?

Fees significantly affect the outcome of your investment. If you want your Intelligent Investing costs to be as low as possible or even zero, then this article offers you instructions on how to get your account completely for free.

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