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Focused on profit

  • Tax smart investing in ETF index funds
  • On average a 4% higher annual return compared to the traditional mutual funds

Low fees

  • 1% annual management fee
  • No fees for trading, withdrawal, performance or maintenance of your account

We reduce the risk

  • We spread the risk by investing to bonds
    and shares of the most successful global companies
  • Your money is managed by experts using Nobel Prize winning theories

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I want to invest € a month.
My goal is to save for retirement
  • save for retirement
  • ensure children's saving
  • create financial reserve
  • buy a property
  • build wealth

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  • MUDr. Milan Brežný

    Dentist, Slovakia

    Thanks to Finax, I found out that I have been saving with unprofitable products. I regret that, I could have earned twice more.

  • Ing. Peter Pašek

    CEO, Accace, Slovakia

    Dealing with active trading was stressful and time-consuming. I understand that it is best to invest in ETF's passive index funds.

  • Daniel Prokop

    Car industry - mechatronics

    I was fascinated how the rich are getting richer, what stories lay behind their financial independence. I was also drawn by this vision of financial independence.

  • Lucia Jurgova

    Financial Manager

    I am working as a financial manager for an American law firm White & Case. As a financial manager I realize that if we don’t start saving for our retirement today, we will pointlessly deprive ourselves of the careless late period of our lives. At least financially.


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I want to start making money

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