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12. May 2023

Which is more important: saving or investing?

It is said that investing is the key to financial success. In our pursuit of wealth, we often spend a lot of time trying to find the investment that will give us the highest rate of return. Meanwhile, it turns out that we may be looking in the wrong direction....

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14. April 2023

S&P 500 Index - What Is It?

When talking about the economy and investing, experts often cite the performance of the S&P 500 index. What exactly is it? How does it work? And why is it so important? You can learn the answers in this article.

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16. February 2023

Top 8 Books on Investing.... and more

There's never enough knowledge. This also applies to finance, so we present our list of the 10 best books on investing. These readings will help you better understand both the market and yourself, which means making better investment decisions over the long term. Enjoy your reading!

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5. January 2023

Watch the 10 best movies about finance

Winter is coming... and with it, a great time to catch up on movies. Inspired by a study by U.S. researchers, today we bring you a subjective list of the 10 best movies about the financial world to watch online.

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15. December 2022

10 Tips for Saving Water

These days almost everything keeps getting more and more expensive. When facing inflation, it is important to work on good habits which help to save money easily. In this text, we advise how to reduce our water bills without great effort.

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2. September 2022

6 Tips to Teach Kids Handle Money

If you want to grant your child the best start in adult life, it's essential to ensure they know how to handle money. Financial education is the key to a prosperous financial future, making it a good idea to lead your child to form the right habits from an early age.

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7 Cures For a Lean Purse, or What Can We Learn from a Century-Old Book | Finax.eu
4. February 2022

7 Cures For a Lean Purse, or What Can We Learn from a Century-Old Book

"The Richest Man in Babylon" is invariably popular among financial educators. That’s why we decided to check whether the teachings of the book completed almost a century ago are still relevant.

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17. October 2021

Women, let's invest!

Finances, capital markets, investments. Not long ago, these topics were wrongly attributed exclusively to men. Today we will show you why this stereotype should be forgotten as soon as possible and prove that long-term investing is a woman's domain.

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