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Contractual documentation has changed |
15. March 2021

Contractual documentation has changed

We take the liberty to inform you that we have updated service Price list.

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Lucia Jurgova - you can´t rely on the state pension | Finax.EN
17. December 2020

Lucia Jurgova - you can´t rely on the state pension

I am working as a financial manager for an American law firm White & Case. As a financial manager I realize that if we don’t start saving for our retirement today, we will pointlessly deprive ourselves of the careless late period of our lives. At least financially.

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30. November 2020

Daniel Prokop – drawn by the vision of financial independence

My name is Daniel and I am 23. I work in the cyclical sector (in the car industry) in mechatronics in Malacky.

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2. July 2020

Want to know more? Meet us online or attend our webinars!

Why should you invest? What are the advantages of investing with Finax? Are you looking for a help with investing or planning your finances? Do you want to learn how to invest properly? Meet us online or attend our free webinars to learn more.

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Intermediation of Finax by agents now available in Poland | Finax.EN
13. May 2020

Intermediation of Finax by agents now available internationally

The main goal of Finax is to make effective wealth building services available to every household. Most people still prefer face-to-face contact. For this reason, Finax has also been offering services through financial agents since its foundation. The financial agents acquire into their portfolio a practical, unrivalled investment product that is beneficial for their clients, as well as for them. Find out what Finax has to offer to financial agents.

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How to navigate your statements |
2. April 2020

How to navigate your statements

We provide our clients with regular statements on quarterly basis. To help you navigate them quickly, here is how to read the statements that you will find after logging in to your account. Can be found under: Activities - Documents in the Statements tab

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Share your experience with Finax and get a fee reduction | Finax.en
4. December 2019

Share your experience with Finax and get a fee reduction

From today onwards you have the opportunity to invite your friends, acquaintances and family members to Intelligent investing. What do you get in return for inviting your friends to Finax and how can you invite them?

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23. October 2018

Ing. Peter Pašek - active investor's path to passive

Mr. Pašek is executive director and partner at Accace, one of the largest accounting and consulting companies in Slovakia. The world of finance is not only his job, but also his lifelong passion. In the past, he has been intensively engaged in active financial market trading, but like many active investors, he eventually understood the benefits of passive investment and joined the group of Finax's satisfied clients.

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