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9. December 2022

Get a global benchmark for 10 EUR

Do you spend hours poring over rate charts? Create spreadsheets to count market indices? Do you start your day at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and end it on Wall Street? Invest 10 EUR and see if your sacrifice makes sense.

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18. November 2022

Stories about Finance for Our Little Ones

Finding learning opportunities for ourselves is possible almost anytime, but discussing finance with the little ones can be challenging. How to teach children the basics of responsible money management? We're suggesting a solution they'll surely love. After all, what do they enjoy more than stories at their age?

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2. September 2022

6 Tips to Teach Kids Handle Money

If you want to grant your child the best start in adult life, it's essential to ensure they know how to handle money. Financial education is the key to a prosperous financial future, making it a good idea to lead your child to form the right habits from an early age.

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17. August 2022

As a Property Ages, so Does Its Return

The option of simple and cheap mortgage financing raises the attractiveness of investment properties. The use of credit (leverage) increases the return on funds invested in the property. Advantageous mortgages are among the reasons why investments in "bricks" enjoy great popularity in Slovakia. However, the return on a leveraged investment property falls sharply as the principal of the loan decreases.

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Investment Properties‘ Best Years Are Over |
4. August 2022

Investment Properties‘ Best Years Are Over

The rise in residential property prices in recent years has elevated many Slovaks into the upper middle class. However, for long-term owners of investment flats or houses, questions about the future profitability of this investment arise. High property prices offer a unique opportunity to turn "bricks" into financial wealth that does not require care and brings higher returns. Sell the property and buy stocks at a double discount.

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6 Tips by Rich People You Can Adopt as Well |
13. July 2022

6 Tips by Rich People You Can Adopt as Well

Nearly 80% of the affluent have built their wealth from scratch. Juraj Hrbatý is one of them. Rather than inheriting his fortune, he worked his way up to it. Yet he still keeps his head down and doesn't waste money. Read on for a list of his advice that can help you improve your financial future.

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Kasík: What to Invest in During a Crisis? |
7. July 2022

Kasík: What to Invest in During a Crisis?

What is currently the best investment? Learn how you should invest today and why I recommend these investments. I'll take you through my career, the extraordinary situations that occurred in the financial markets during it, and show you how I thought and invested back then. I will reveal my journey to forming my current attitude toward investing.

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High Inflation – How to Protect Money and Wealth? |
15. June 2022

High Inflation – How to Protect Money and Wealth?

Inflation devalues money. Its purchasing power declines as prices rise. Keeping money in bank accounts or cash yields a painful loss. What should we do with it? Is it better to spend it all now? No. Only long-term investing will protect your wealth. The prepared ones are not surprised today. Take a simple step to prevent future price rises from catching you by surprise, beating inflation.

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