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Diversification - how to earn more with lower risk | Finax.eu
15. March 2024

High Returns at Lower Risks: the Art of Diversification

Diversification is the key to passive investing. It's also a great and simple way of reducing an investment's risk, while stabilizing its long-term return. Portfolios of Finax are among the most widely diversified options on the market. How does diversification work and why is it so important to your investment?

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31. March 2023

Free Finax account - how to get it?

Fees significantly affect the outcome of your investment. If you want your Intelligent Investing costs to be as low as possible or even zero, then this article offers you instructions on how to get your account completely for free.

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17. March 2023

How do we calculate the actual performance of Finax portfolios?

On the occasion of our fifth anniversary, we are changing our methodology for publishing portfolio performance. You will now see actual performance instead of modeled results in the return tables. How do we calculate this number and how does it differ from the modeled performance? Find out the answer in this article.

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Transfer your investments to Finax and receive a discount of 50% | Finax.eu
4. August 2022

Transfer your investments to Finax and receive a discount of 50%

Finax offers a unique investment tool with revolutionary benefits for your money. If you are already investing with somebody, we will take that into consideration. Now you can invest even more efficiently with Finax. In addition to favorable conditions, we offer you a discount on your investment transferred to Finax - we will manage 50% of its value free of charge for 2 years.

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15. December 2021

Juraj Hrbatý: My Story of How I Founded Finax.

Why did I decide to start Finax? The story of why Finax’s profit is not my number one goal. The story of how we managed to earn more than 23 million euros for our clients.

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Want to know more? Attend our webinars! | Finax.eu
2. July 2020

Want to know more? Meet us online or attend our webinars!

Why should you invest? What are the advantages of investing with Finax? Are you looking for a help with investing or planning your finances? Do you want to learn how to invest properly? Meet us online or attend our free webinars to learn more.

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Intermediation of Finax by agents now available in Poland | Finax.EN
13. May 2020

Intermediation of Finax by agents now available internationally

The main goal of Finax is to make effective wealth building services available to every household. Most people still prefer face-to-face contact. For this reason, Finax has also been offering services through financial agents since its foundation. The financial agents acquire into their portfolio a practical, unrivalled investment product that is beneficial for their clients, as well as for them. Find out what Finax has to offer to financial agents.

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Currency risk in Finax | Finax.EN
23. April 2020

Currency risk in Finax

By investing with Finax, you expose yourself to currency risk. What does this risk represent, how to eliminate it and how Finax approached it, can be found in the next article of the How we do it series. Find out why currency risk is only an inflated scarecrow and the reasons why we refused to secure the investments against exchange rate losses.

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