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How much does it cost to hedge investments today? |
23. February 2024

How Much Does Currency Hedging Cost Today?

Intelligent Investing portfolios are known to hold a portion of their USD-denominated equity positions without a currency hedge, i.e., they take on so-called currency risk. How does this risk manifest itself? How much would it cost to eliminate it? And is such protection even necessary in the long run?

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Financial Markets and War |
19. January 2024

Financial Markets and War

Ever wondered how war impacts the stock market? Recent events in Israel and Gaza have raised questions about the connection between geopolitical conflicts and financial markets. Interestingly, legendary investor Warren Buffett has a unique perspective on this. In this exploration, we'll take a closer look at the ongoing situation in Gaza, understand different ways in which the war affects your investments and uncover potential opportunities for investors during times of market turbulence.

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Student Budget – How to Set It Correctly? |
12. January 2024

Student Budget – How to Set It Correctly?

Inflation continues to burden students this year as well. The annual inflation rate in Slovakia fell to 6.9% in November 2023, still being one of the highest rates of inflation among EU countries. Prices of food, petrol, utilities, and accommodation have risen. Students can be particularly vulnerable to such price increases, as many of them already have a limited budget for regular expenses.

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Bond Market: What You Need to Know |
3. November 2023

The largest bond correction in history is good news for the future

The labyrinthine world of bonds can be confusing for those who are not familiar with its functioning, but it offers important insights into the wider financial system. Over the past few years, bond yields have been on a truly tumultuous journey, with huge swings that have left even seasoned investors scratching their heads. This article sheds light on the wild story of bond yields in recent years.

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10 Daily habits that will help you save money |
27. October 2023

10 Daily habits that will help you save money

As the saying goes, habit is the second nature. If we acquire bad financial habits, our „second nature“ will limit us financially. If we want to lead a better life, we need to change our habits. We bring you 10 simple daily habits. If you manage to adopt them in your daily life, in a couple of years you will have saved a solid amount of money.

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When will the interest on my savings account increase? |
13. October 2023

When Will the Interest on My Savings Account Increase?

Europeans are said to be more likely to walk away from their marriage than from their bank. Based on real statistics on the average length of marital and banking relationships, this is indeed true. In today's blog, we'll explain how this phrase relates to the fact that you're still getting low interest on your savings account.

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Navigating the Changing Financial Landscape: The End of Easy Money |
6. October 2023

Navigating the Changing Financial Landscape: The End of Easy Money

In the realm of finance, few things have been as influential in recent years as the era of easy money. Characterized by historically low interest rates and ample liquidity, this period has left a lasting mark on financial markets worldwide. However, as we enter a new phase in the global economy, it's becoming increasingly evident that the era of easy money is coming to an end. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of easy money, explore what has changed in recent times, dissect its effects on financial markets, particularly equity and bond markets, and discuss the long-term implications of this shift. Finally, we will provide insights on how to adapt to this new financial reality.

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The Secret of Financial Security: Creating a Financial Reserve |
1. September 2023

The Secret of Financial Security: Creating an Emergency Fund

A financial reserve, also known as an emergency fund, is a savings account that we set aside for unexpected expenses. It's a key part of a sound financial plan and can give you the peace of mind that comes with financial preparedness. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of a financial emergency fund and provide tips on how to build one.

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