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5 Reasons to Start Thinking About Retirement Right Now |
24. May 2024

5 Reasons to Start Thinking About Retirement Right Now

You might be 20, 30, or 40 years away from retirement, thinking you still have enough time to start thinking about it. In this blog, I will explain why the best time to take care of your retirement is right now.

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The Case for Holding Emerging Market Assets |
3. May 2024

The Case for Holding Emerging Market Assets

In the dynamic realm of global financial markets, emerging markets (EMs) present both opportunities and challenges that may not be found in their developed counterparts. These economies, ranging from early industrialization to near economic maturity, provide investors with a unique avenue for diversification and potential returns. Fueled by factors like urbanization, technological innovation, and growing consumer markets, EMs allure investors seeking accelerated growth.

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When to opt for Smart Deposit and when for the Intelligent Wallet? |
19. April 2024

When to Opt for the Smart Deposit and When for the Intelligent Wallet?

Despite the need to grow our wealth in the long run, all of us have numerous short-term goals. For such cases, we offer two products, the Smart Deposit and the Intelligent Wallet. A large chunk of intelligent investors tends to fumble when deciding which of the two to choose. Here is a guide on how to pick the right one according to your life situation.

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6 Reasons to invest even small amounts. And how to do it |
12. April 2024

6 Reasons to Invest Even Small Amounts. And How to Do It

Think you don't have enough money to invest? Nothing could be further from the truth. In this text, we explain why investing a small amount regularly can be immensely beneficial to your financial situation. We will also show you how to get started easily.

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What causes the stocks to grow? |
22. March 2024

What Causes Stocks to Grow?

The main reason why stocks are the best wealth-building investment for most people is very simple – their price constantly grows in the long-run (as an asset group, not necessarily each individual title). This growth is questioned by many. Let’s examine its main drivers.

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How much does it cost to hedge investments today? |
23. February 2024

How Much Does Currency Hedging Cost Today?

Intelligent Investing portfolios are known to hold a portion of their USD-denominated equity positions without a currency hedge, i.e., they take on so-called currency risk. How does this risk manifest itself? How much would it cost to eliminate it? And is such protection even necessary in the long run?

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Financial Markets and War |
19. January 2024

Financial Markets and War

Ever wondered how war impacts the stock market? Recent events in Israel and Gaza have raised questions about the connection between geopolitical conflicts and financial markets. Interestingly, legendary investor Warren Buffett has a unique perspective on this. In this exploration, we'll take a closer look at the ongoing situation in Gaza, understand different ways in which the war affects your investments and uncover potential opportunities for investors during times of market turbulence.

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Student Budget – How to Set It Correctly? |
12. January 2024

Student Budget – How to Set It Correctly?

Inflation continues to burden students this year as well. The annual inflation rate in Slovakia fell to 6.9% in November 2023, still being one of the highest rates of inflation among EU countries. Prices of food, petrol, utilities, and accommodation have risen. Students can be particularly vulnerable to such price increases, as many of them already have a limited budget for regular expenses.

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