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Book review: Your Money or Your Life | Finax.EN
17. August 2020

Book review: Your Money or Your Life

Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) has become a goal of many people in recent years. The idea of early retirement and having free time certainly sounds better than living in a predetermined way: 40 years of work and surviving in retirement. Today, we will have a look at a genre classic from 1992 - Your Money or Your Life written by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, which represents the beginning of the FIRE movement.

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Free audit of your investment and savings products | Finax.EN
19. July 2020

Free audit of your investment and savings products

Have you ever wondered whether you are investing correctly? Do you have any doubts regarding the profitability of your mutual funds, investment portfolios, unit linked insurance plan or you have no idea what fees you have to pay? Finax offers you a free review of investment products. We will compare the costs, historical returns and risks of your instruments with Finax's portfolios. Find out how you can get answers to the questions that come to your mind?

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Financing a real estate purchase | Finax.en
16. July 2020

Financing a real estate purchase

In recent years, the National Bank of Slovakia has taken several measures in order to mitigate the risks associated with the rapid growth of Slovak household indebtedness. Easily available 100% mortgages are a thing of the past. If you want to live on your own today, in addition to rising real estate prices, you also have to deal with several banks’ requirements.

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Financial minimalism | Finax.EN
11. June 2020

Financial minimalism

Minimalism is often mistaken for a “lack of stuff”. But in fact, it means the exact opposite – having enough of everything we need for a truly happy life. And we definitely don’t need to spend a ton of money on that.

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Book review: Playing with Fire | Finax.EN
9. June 2020

Book review: Playing with Fire

The book that transformed my perspective of personal finance. It stood at the conception of my attitude towards financial independence. A great book that forces you to think about your values in the context of your finances.

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What is investing and what does it stand for? |
28. May 2020

What is investing and what does it stand for?

Unless a person is self-taught, is interested in or studies investing, they have no way of knowing what investing stands for and how to invest properly. Finax brings you a basic overview of what investing is and explains why should it be part of everyone's life.

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Are you prepared to live 20 years without payroll? |
24. May 2020

Are you prepared to live 20 years without a payroll?

Pensions are not something that is discussed over a beer in Slovakia. However, it is a subject we cannot afford to ignore, as this period represents approximately a fifth of our lives. How much money will I receive during retirement? And will it be possible to make a decent living from this amount? Will I be able to reach the retirement age at all? These are the questions that will sooner or later begin to bother each and every one of us.

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| Finax EN
13. May 2020

Why is it necessary to boost monthly investment regularly?

How will the value of your assets increase if you boost your regular payment by inflation or wage-increase? Instructions on how to avoid the surprise of the increase in price that awaits you, when you save with Finax.

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