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16. February 2023

Top 8 Books on Investing.... and more

There's never enough knowledge. This also applies to finance, so we present our list of the 10 best books on investing. These readings will help you better understand both the market and yourself, which means making better investment decisions over the long term. Enjoy your reading!

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10. February 2023

Die With Zero on Your Account

In today's world, we spend our lifetimes focusing on how to acquire enough money to be well off in our old age. But is this the right direction to lead a happy life? Inspired by Bill Perkins´ book Die With Zero, we take a very different view and explore ideas on how to maximize the utility of money in life.

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3. February 2023

When Is Insurance Worth Getting?

There are many risks in life. A cancer diagnosis, a work accident, or a sudden death can cross our path at any time. Although these are rare events, fortune favors the prepared. Can insurance help in such cases? We examined when it is ideal to get.

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13. January 2023

How Many Actively Managed Mutual Funds Regularly Beat the Market?

In times of declining markets, it's easy to dismiss passive investing. After all, markets do fall, and holding indices that replicate them guarantees a loss. Many start looking around for actively managed mutual funds during such times. How many of these have managed to deliver above-average returns on a regular basis in recent years? We looked at the numbers.

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5. January 2023

Watch the 10 best movies about finance

Winter is coming... and with it, a great time to catch up on movies. Inspired by a study by U.S. researchers, today we bring you a subjective list of the 10 best movies about the financial world to watch online.

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15. December 2022

10 Tips for Saving Water

These days almost everything keeps getting more and more expensive. When facing inflation, it is important to work on good habits which help to save money easily. In this text, we advise how to reduce our water bills without great effort.

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2. December 2022

Why Do Stock Prices Rise or Fall?

You must have sometimes heard sensational news about the value of a particular stock shooting up or plummeting sharply. But why do these events happen? We bring you a short article on how share prices move and what factors cause these movements.

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7. November 2022

Where Can I Get the Highest Pension? Is the European Pension, 3rd Pillar, or Intelligent Investing the Best?

The European Pension is a fresh competition to the Slovak 3rd pillar. It represents a cheaper and more efficient solution. On the other hand, it lacks state support. Which of the parameters prevails, leading to a higher pension? Which is the best option for retirement savings, the European pension or the 3rd pillar? We have done the calculations for you.

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