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1For financial agents

Our solutions save your time and give your clients
the best possible investment experience

financial products

Offer your clients a product with unique product, where after tax revenue matters. A new generation of clients needs modern financial solutions.

Improve the quality of advisory

We will help you reduce the risk of unprofessional consultancy. We will free your advisors from the difficult process of selecting the right products.

No conflict
of interest

Get rid of the "for your own wallet" advisor label. Maximize benefits for your clients for a reasonable financial reward.

2For employers

Get a competitive advantage in the labor market

Surveys show, that 40% employees expect from their employers to help them set they pension plans. We offer free seminars for your employees on how to set their pension plans and help orientate themselves in the pension plan market.

Offer your employees a new modern way to save for retirement through investing in passive index ETF funds portfolio. Show you care about your employees.

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Comparing employer contribution of 50 euros to the Slovak pension scheme and private pension account. In the case of the Slovak pension scheme, the total cost of the employer is 55 euros per month and the net invested amount is 38.88 euros (deducted health insurance contributions and tax). If the same amount were set aside by the employer on behalf of an employee outside the pension scheme, the net monthly investment would be EUR 28.54 (deducted social, health and wage tax). Despite the exemption of contributions to the Slovak pension scheme for contributions to the Social Insurance Company, the private account has long been substantially more profitable due to lower fees, substantially higher appreciation and tax exemption of revenues.

3For issuers

Financing is necessary, banks are not

Would you wish your business was not tied to requirements of any bank? In such a case we are here to support the financing of your projects and business activities.

Our Corporate Finance department will process bond or equities issues for you to enable you to raise capital and mediate their sale through partner network advisors.

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4For investors

Support our growth

Do you see the future of investing in modern, customer-oriented financial services? If you are interested in our business concept and would you wish to expand it beyond the borders of Slovakia, let us know about it.

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