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Finax's Plans for 2024 |
1. March 2024

Finax's Plans for 2024

The year 2024 will be marked by Finax's expansion with the goal of making it a renowned international company in the field of investing and retirement savings. Read on to learn how we plan to advance Finax on its journey to success.

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How much does it cost to hedge investments today? |
23. February 2024

How Much Does Currency Hedging Cost Today?

Intelligent Investing portfolios are known to hold a portion of their USD-denominated equity positions without a currency hedge, i.e., they take on so-called currency risk. How does this risk manifest itself? How much would it cost to eliminate it? And is such protection even necessary in the long run?

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A Year of Doubts and Opportunities: Finax Performance in 2023 |
16. February 2024

A Year of Doubts and Opportunities: Finax Performance in 2023

Despite many reasons for panic, financial markets did extraordinarily well in the past year. Inflation has fallen, recession was avoided, and we could witness a sharp recovery. How have Finax's passive portfolios capitalized on this opportunity? Take a look at our regular performance overview.

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