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5 New Year's wishes of your money

Hello, here we are, your money. Could you please stop for a moment and read what are our New Year's wishes? You've been coughing at us enough. We also want you to take care of us.

Juraj Hrbatý | Personal finance | 7. January 2020

Heeey! Here we are, your money and these are our New Year's wishes:

1. Take care of us

You work 160 to 200 hours every month to earn us, but you are not able to spend even one more hour to take care of us, so we could work for you and earn you money too. Spend at least an hour of your time per month looking after us.

2. Don't leave us at bank account

We are wasting our time in your bank account for years. There are more than 33 billion of us in Slovakia, which people like you let deposited in bank accounts. You get frustrated when you see four workers ‘working’ with one shovel, but you don't do anything to let us start working for you. Keep in the bank just as much as necessary and send the rest of us to work. We earn the most when you send us to index funds.

3. Don't donate us to the government

Please don't send us to the government budget if you don't have to. In case you don't have a second retirement pillar, set it up. We'd rather go to your account instead of the state treasury. But even there we want to work in index funds. If you only have us in guaranteed funds, then we guarantee that we are just slobs around here.

4. Don't put us in mutual funds

Banks and asset managers are making fun of you. Up to 8 billion of us in Slovakia are being invested in mutual funds. And the result? The bank transfers many of us to its accounts in the form of high fees and even though we are trying to make a lot of money here, the opposite is true – it’s quite relaxed here. Something as a movie. Nice sceneries when you're watching it on the TV, but there are only empty fields behind those.

5. Give us time

You have a lot of excuses, why can't you? Please stop complaining that you have never enough of us. Make a budget every month, track your expenditures and purchases. If you can send us as installments of various consumer loans, you can certainly cut spending so that you even put down some money every month and put us on duty. In few years you won’t regret and pay for a great vacation where you can relax.

Finally, the most important thing. Put us in Finax. We’ve heard there are some cool guys out there who can give us a hard time. They do not give us a day of rest and have automated systems for our management. If you invest through them, they will not send any of us to the state in the form of taxes, on contrary we will earn all the time for only you.

Many thanks,
Your money.

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