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Fee Abolition Is Imminent... and You Can Help Bring It Faster!

Making Intelligent Investing cheaper is our long-term goal. In the past, we've introduced several discounts and launched the lower-fee Elite program. Our next step is to abolish the deposit fee – forever and for everyone. Only one last condition keeps us from waiving it right now. Its fulfillment is in your hands, Intelligent Investors.

Lucia Šimonová | News | 12. October 2022

When Will We Abolish the Deposit Fee?

The condition for abolishing the fee is that total client deposits reach 500 million euros.

The current value of deposits is 470 million euros (as of 30. 03. 2023). If customer deposits were to grow at the current rate, we would reach the target amount, and therefore the abolition of the fee, by mid-2023. However, we believe that together we will manage to abolish the fee much sooner.

Amount remaining until fee abolition...

29 725 938 €

Fee Abolition Is Imminent... and You Can Help Bring It Faster! |

Updated 30. 03. 2023

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Why Will We Abolish the Fee Only After the Goal Has Been Met?

As mentioned in the introduction, one of Finax's long-term goals is to meet our clients' needs by gradually reducing fees. We want to make building wealth in Finax an attractive part of life for families in Slovakia and abroad.

At the same time, however, we have obligations and commitments arising from the requirement of delivering high-quality services. These are obligations to our clients and partners, whom we want to continue providing free education, and responsibilities towards our employees. Meeting them requires our resources and capacities.

We share common goals, dear Intelligent Investors. We believe you will appreciate our transparency and approach to offering discounts with respect to the quality of our services.

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