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Finax Wins Yet Another Award – Invest Cuffs 2024

A golden and two silver laurels. We haven’t left empty-handed once again from one of the largest European conferences on investing.

Klaudia Sibielak | News | 26. April 2024

Jubilant 10th year of the largest investment conference on Visla is behind us. Invest Cuffs recorded more than 10,000 registered participants this year and tens of discussion panels and lectures. The visitors were offered a great amount of knowledge about money or investing, and we got an amazing opportunity to meet many of you who visited our stand in Krakow Congress center. That, however, is not everything!    

Finax wins yet another award – Invest Cuffs 2024 |

Just like every year, after the first and very intense day, came the time to announce the results of the Invest Cuffs competition, with more than 140,000 votes being casted. Interested in the results? Let’s take a look!

We became The Alternative Investment Company of the Year, thus reclaiming the golden statuette from the year prior. We’ve furthermore got the silver laurels in the Fintech of the Year and Market App categories. Your appreciation of our effort to offer the best possible products and services is very important to us. In the name of our entire team, let us say one huge thank you for the votes that you gave us!  

Finax wins yet another award – Invest Cuffs 2024 |

Just a year prior, we’ve been awarded in the Product of the Year category. How did we win, you may ask? Firstly, the candidates are proposed by investors. Afterwards, a panel of experts from the field and news reporters serves as a jury, choosing the finalists. At last, it is once again the vote of small investors that makes the final decision.  

We’ve furthermore gotten a patronage over the Female Finance Zone, which is becoming bigger and bigger each year, for the third time in a row as a part of the conference. This time, our colleague, Klaudia, talked about building a financially stable future with the European Pension by Finax. Przemek argued that you should rush your money to work to achieve this goal.  

I want to set up a European Pension

Sincere thanks to all the Intelligent Investors. You are one of the reasons why dreams come true. We hope to see you next year in an even bigger group and an even stronger offer!

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