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Have you ever wondered whether you are investing correctly? Do you have any doubts regarding the profitability of your mutual funds, investment portfolios, unit linked insurance plan or you have no idea what fees you have to pay? Finax offers you a free review of investment products. We will compare the costs, historical returns and risks of your instruments with Finax's portfolios. Find out how you can get answers to the questions that come to your mind?

Radoslav Kasík | Personal finance | 19. July 2020

Most of the investment products, used by Slovaks, are still not advantageous enough given the current possibilities of financial markets. They make little to no use of various benefits offered by Slovak legislation, modern technologies and innovations in the financial sector.

The most common shortcomings that we regularly encounter in the common savings and investment products are high fees, high risk, inadequate income and not taking advantage of tax exemptions from the Income Tax Act.

All of these parameters have a fundamental impact on the result of assets appreciation. Many people are unaware of the amount of fees, risks and taxes associated with the products they use.

Thus, they deprive themselves of considerable amount. This inexperience consequently leads to dissatisfaction with financial products and resentment against savings and financial security.

The goal of Finax is to make efficient wealth building services available to general public and to increase the financial awareness and education of Central Europeans.

As part of our goal, we offer you a simple audit of your investment products.

We will show you all the costs associated with your savings, its historical performance and point out potential risks. We will compare the parameters of the product that you are using with the same risk profile portfolio of Intelligent Investing from Finax.

If you are interested in a free audit of your investment and savings products, send us details of the tools that you currently use. When we know exactly what tools are being used and what are their conditions, we will be able to easily assess their quality.

Contract and last account statement

This information can be quickly found in a contract concluded between you and the financial institution. For more precise information, send us also the latest account or investment statement. Today, you probably receive them in electronic form via e-mail or when logging in to your account.

Based on these documents, we will be able to calculate how much you have earned with the product so far, what fees you have paid, and show you what returns you could have achieved elsewhere. The more information you provide us with, the easier will it be for us to evaluate your product.

Please send us documents and a description of your investment via email to [](

We will try to review your products as soon as possible.

Should we need any further details, we will contact you immediately, so please include your phone number in the email as well. 

If there have been any adjustments or changes made in your products during their duration, please do not forget to include these amendments to the contract or its alterations.

If you have no idea what to send us, schedule a free call

If you're still not sure what documents should you send us for the assessment of the value of your contracts, schedule a free phone call with Finax. Set a date which suits you and our experts will be pleased to help you.

Schedule a 15-minute phone call for free

We will help you get started and learn more about Finax.

Work with your finances more efficiently.

Thank you for your trust in Intelligent Investing.

Your Finax team.

Radoslav Kasík
Radoslav Kasík
Head of Sales Strategy
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