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Information about a documentation change

Please be advised that we are updating our contractual documentation due to waiving the fee and launching of our new Smart Deposit product.

Team Finax | News | 21. June 2023

Last year, we promised to waive the fee for processing payments below €1000 after reaching a total deposit volume of €500 million.

We are very pleased that we have jointly achieved this goal and, therefore, you will no longer find this fee in our price list from 1.7.2023. Due to the cancellation of the fee and the launch of the new product Smart Deposit, we are updating our contractual documentation.

The changes concern:

1. Price List of Services, from which we have removed the payment processing fee, added a fee structure for the Smart Deposit, reduced the brokerage services fees for Elite clients, and optimized the wording of examples and the part about the investment advisory fee.

2. Information About Financial Instruments and Risks, in which we updated information on new investment instruments and related risks.

3. Investment Strategy of the Smart Deposit

The above changes have a positive impact on the services you currently use. They broaden their offer and, at the same time, reduce their price.

Thank you for investing intelligently.

Team Finax
Team Finax
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