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Lucia Jurgova - you can´t rely on the state pension

I am working as a financial manager for an American law firm White & Case. As a financial manager I realize that if we don’t start saving for our retirement today, we will pointlessly deprive ourselves of the careless late period of our lives. At least financially.

Team Finax | Testimonials | 17. December 2020

Finax offers a product which allows me to have constant overview of my invested funds and motivates me to keep saving more money – the future estimates of saved and appreciated funds are extremely motivating.

I have been saving only a small amount each month – I don’t even notice when it’s been sent from my bank account. That’s why I often also encourage others to start investing regularly and realize, that no one will take care of them during their retirement but themselves (provided that they won’t have a large family with many children).

I have also tried other products from various managers, none of them, however, offer such overview and appreciation as Finax. COVID-19 has only proven me right. The value of my investment declined momentarily, however, after a very short time the investment bounced back to almost pre-crisis value.

I can’t forget to mention the fact that opening an account in Finax was a piece of cake, thanks to the transparency and their way of communication.

In the near future I am planning on opening a Wealth Building account in Finax in order to invest the rental income regularly and thereby increase my net worth.

Team Finax
Team Finax
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