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Mateja Janković Makek - My long-term plan for a carefree and independent retirement

Upon embarking on my professional journey, the realization dawned early that securing a financially carefree and independent retirement necessitated proactive measures. Approximately 15 years ago, I delved into the realm of diverse investment opportunities. Given my non-financial background and lack of economic education, I wisely sought professional guidance to navigate the intricate landscape.

Team Finax | Testimonials | 2. February 2024

Regrettably, the assistance I received predominantly veered towards the "promotion" of products such as life insurance. Information pertaining to investments in various funds was minimal and often perplexing. Enter Finax – a beacon of financial enlightenment! What captivates me is their bespoke approach, tailoring investment recommendations to align with individual capabilities, inclinations, and desired goals. Moreover, the flexibility to invest modest monthly amounts, even for those without substantial disposable income, is a game-changer.

Yet, what truly fascinates me is the transparency provided by Finax. Through a user-friendly application, I gain comprehensive insights into the status of my accounts, allowing me to analyze my investments and fund yields with ease. My investment strategy leans towards the long term, embracing slightly higher risks for the prospect of greater profits. I remain unfazed by short-term value fluctuations as long as the overarching trend remains positive.

As I reflect on my first year of investing with Finax, the returns have surpassed all my expectations, solidifying my confidence in this financial endeavor.

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Team Finax
Team Finax
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