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3 Months for Free: Invest Now, Pay Later! |
1. April 2024

3 Months for Free: Invest Now, Pay Later!

With spring just around the corner, we are bringing a new promotion, aiming to give both our new and current clients an opportunity to try investing or a new product free of charge. All the deposits made in April are going to be managed for free for three months.

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1. July 2023

We're Keeping Our Word and Making It Cheaper: The Deposit Fee Is Over

Last October, we made a promise to you that we would abolish the deposit fee after reaching total deposits of €500 million. We are proud to announce that we have achieved this goal together. We are abolishing the payment processing fee for good.

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16. April 2023

Fee Abolition Is Imminent... and You Can Help Bring It Faster!

Making Intelligent Investing cheaper is our long-term goal. In the past, we've introduced several discounts and launched the lower-fee Elite program. Our next step is to abolish the deposit fee – forever and for everyone. Only one last condition keeps us from waiving it right now. Its fulfillment is in your hands, Intelligent Investors.

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Investment Properties‘ Best Years Are Over |
4. August 2022

Investment Properties‘ Best Years Are Over

The rise in residential property prices in recent years has elevated many Slovaks into the upper middle class. However, for long-term owners of investment flats or houses, questions about the future profitability of this investment arise. High property prices offer a unique opportunity to turn "bricks" into financial wealth that does not require care and brings higher returns. Sell the property and buy stocks at a double discount.

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Invite friends to Finax via the mobile app |
15. November 2021

Invite friends to Finax via the mobile app

Introducing a new feature of our Finax mobile app. From now on, you can send invitations to friends straight from your phone. Simply, fast, and conveniently. Help your friends while making your investment cheaper.

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