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Diversification - how to earn more with lower risk | Finax.eu
15. March 2024

High Returns at Lower Risks: the Art of Diversification

Diversification is the key to passive investing. It's also a great and simple way of reducing an investment's risk, while stabilizing its long-term return. Portfolios of Finax are among the most widely diversified options on the market. How does diversification work and why is it so important to your investment?

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26. May 2023

Markets once again demonstrate the power of diversification

Diversification is absolutely essential in the world of investing. Spreading your money widely protects you from the downfalls of a particular investment and allows you to capture the growing parts of the market. But is broad diversification worth it in times of stagnant markets? Or is it a surefire way to achieve below-average returns these days?

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9. December 2022

Get a global benchmark for 10 EUR

Do you spend hours poring over rate charts? Create spreadsheets to count market indices? Do you start your day at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and end it on Wall Street? Invest 10 EUR and see if your sacrifice makes sense.

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