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Finax's Plans for 2024 |
1. March 2024

Finax's Plans for 2024

The year 2024 will be marked by Finax's expansion with the goal of making it a renowned international company in the field of investing and retirement savings. Read on to learn how we plan to advance Finax on its journey to success.

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8. March 2023

Finax plans for 2023

Are you curious about what we will bring you in 2023? Investing and personal finance will get even easier and more fun. You can look forward to a hefty dose of improvements.

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Finax plans for 2022 |
22. March 2022

Finax plans for 2022

Are you curious to see what we’ll bring to you in 2022? At Finax, we believe that investing and financial education can be an experience for you. That's why you can look forward to a decent dose of innovations and improvements this year again.

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Finax plans for 2021 | Finax.EN
10. February 2021

Finax plans for 2021

Building a financial business out of thin air and competing in the first league with the biggest players in the game after only 3 years is an exceptional success given the circumstances in Slovakia. Ladies and gentlemen, Finax really did it!

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Review of 2019 and Finax plans for 2020 | Finax.en
18. February 2020

Review of 2019 and Finax plans for 2020

Finax has had a very successful second year of existence. We have fulfilled our ambitious plans beyond expectations. However, we do not plan on slowing down in the future. What are our plans for 2020?

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