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We are hiring! Country manager for Czechia, Hungary and Romania wanted

In the recent months Finax has been growing at fast pace, while already present in 5 countries with massive footprint on the CEE fintech scene. We are ready for further expansion, therefore the time has come for us to welcome a new professional to our team who won´t be intimidated by our culture of hard work and the concept of a fast growing business in a challenging but rewarding environment.

Team Finax | News | 1. September 2021

We´re Finax – 

  • the first and largest robo-advisor in Slovakia & CEE,
  • we bring simple, digital, and revolutionary form
    of passive investing to the public, while
  • we are working tirelessly to increase
    financial literacy in our region.

We´re seeking for our Country Manager(s) – 

  • already experienced (mid-senior/senior level) in finance, fintech and sales, with appetite for new challenges & drive,
  • capable of coming up with new ideas and making them happen,
  • challenging the status-quo, who uses arguments and common sense, with a professional and representative appearance,
  • excited to share their expertise, utilize their networking skills to grow the scope of the distribution channels and get involved in day-to-day agenda with clients if necessary,
  • with ability to elevate our business to the next level with new ideas and being bold enough to put them into practice!

Interested?! Find out more below –

   Country Manager Czechia

Country Manager Hungary

   Country Manager Romania

About Finax –

Finax is an investment broker and pioneer in CEE robo-advisory. A Slovak CESA Awards winner fintech startup, which has become renowned in the eyes of Slovaks, Czechs, Poles, Croatians and Hungarians only 3 years since its founding. In addition to the main product, which is a simple and efficient investment via ETF portfolios, it also makes financial education more accessible in the form of webinars, podcasts, and blogs. It is currently focused on expansion to neighboring countries.

Team Finax
Team Finax
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