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Contractual documentation has changed

We take the liberty to inform you that we have updated service Price list.

Team Finax | News | 15. March 2021

We take the liberty to inform you that we have updated service Price list. We have added two new fees to our service Price list.

  1. We are iintroducing the option to transfer securities to another Finax account (your own or third party account)
  2. At the same time, we are introducing a symbolic fee for manual pairing of client’s payment - for clients who, in spite of being notified repeatedly to indicate variable symbol within their payment, have not done so.

The new service Price list is going to come into force beginning on April 1, 2020, to the following extent. The full version of documentation is available to our clients beginning on March 15, 2020 at the seat of Finax, o.c.p., a.s., Bajkalska 19B, Bratislava and on the following link. For a better overview, we provide the document with visible changes.

Actual document:

Price list


Price list - changes

Thank you for investing intelligently.

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Contractual documentation has changed
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Team Finax
Team Finax
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