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7. November 2022

Where Can I Get the Highest Pension? Is the European Pension, 3rd Pillar, or Intelligent Investing the Best?

The European Pension is a fresh competition to the Slovak 3rd pillar. It represents a cheaper and more efficient solution. On the other hand, it lacks state support. Which of the parameters prevails, leading to a higher pension? Which is the best option for retirement savings, the European pension or the 3rd pillar? We have done the calculations for you.

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27. October 2022

European Pension, 3rd Pillar, or Finax – Where to Save for Retirement?

Many of you have noticed that Finax introduced a new product, the European pension (PEPP) into its offering. Logical questions arise: Is this product more beneficial than the 3rd pillar when saving for retirement? Which product should you choose? Below is a comparison of the basic parameters of the European Pension and 3rd pillar.

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