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3. March 2023

Things You Learn When You're Young... How to Handle Finances in College?

Are you entering the student years of your life? Or are you still deciding where to go to "college" as graduation approaches? In addition to the looming exams, there may be some expenses that are putting wrinkles on your forehead. But don't stress, we've put together a few tips that will make the stereotype of the financially ruined student a stranger to you.

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5. January 2023

Watch the 10 best movies about finance

Winter is coming... and with it, a great time to catch up on movies. Inspired by a study by U.S. researchers, today we bring you a subjective list of the 10 best movies about the financial world to watch online.

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18. November 2022

Stories about Finance for Our Little Ones

Finding learning opportunities for ourselves is possible almost anytime, but discussing finance with the little ones can be challenging. How to teach children the basics of responsible money management? We're suggesting a solution they'll surely love. After all, what do they enjoy more than stories at their age?

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