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15. December 2022

10 Tips for Saving Water

These days almost everything keeps getting more and more expensive. When facing inflation, it is important to work on good habits which help to save money easily. In this text, we advise how to reduce our water bills without great effort.

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6. October 2022

10 Tips for Reducing Electricity Costs Without Large Investments

The following tips can help you save tens to hundreds of euros a year on your electricity bills with little or no investment.

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16. September 2022

How to Handle Your Money Wisely According to Netflix?

The current economic environment in much of the western world combines elements of a "perfect storm" - rising interest rates, soaring energy and heat prices, and damaged supply chains formed a confluence of factors unseen for decades. All of this will impact not only the economies of states and governments but mainly the financial health of everyone - individuals and families alike.

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Inflation in the Fridge: 15 Tips to Save on Groceries |
7. September 2022

Inflation in the Fridge: 15 Tips to Save on Groceries

The current inflationary tsunami has hit most basic goods, not bypassing groceries. Compared to the past, greater portions of our paychecks get literally eaten. We are bringing several tips to armor yourself on this front, saving tens of euros a month.

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