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5 Reasons to Start Thinking About Retirement Right Now |
24. May 2024

5 Reasons to Start Thinking About Retirement Right Now

You might be 20, 30, or 40 years away from retirement, thinking you still have enough time to start thinking about it. In this blog, I will explain why the best time to take care of your retirement is right now.

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21. July 2023

Are you prepared to live 20 years without a salary?

Pensions are not something that is discussed over a beer in Slovakia. However, it is a subject we cannot afford to ignore, as this period represents approximately a fifth of our lives. How much money will I receive during retirement? And will it be possible to make a decent living from this amount? Will I be able to reach the retirement age at all? These are the questions that will sooner or later begin to bother each and every one of us.

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27. October 2022

European Pension, 3rd Pillar, or Finax – Where to Save for Retirement?

Many of you have noticed that Finax introduced a new product, the European pension (PEPP) into its offering. Logical questions arise: Is this product more beneficial than the 3rd pillar when saving for retirement? Which product should you choose? Below is a comparison of the basic parameters of the European Pension and 3rd pillar.

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