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Transfer your investments to finax and receive a discount of 10%

Finax offers a unique investment tool with revolutionary benefits for your money. If you already invest with somebody, we will take that into consideration. Now you can invest even more effectively. In addition to favorable conditions, we offer you a discount on your investment transferred to Finax - we will manage 10% of its value free of charge.

Radoslav Kasík | Our process | 17. March 2020

The fees are one of the most important factors that affect the outcome of the investment. In the vast majority of investment cases higher fees affect the appreciation negatively. To get the most out of your money, the fees are one of the key information for you and they also creates a basis for the success of a potential investment.

In Finax, we know the role of fees. When we created Intelligent Investing, we took into consideration the impact of fees on investment so we could create an effective investment tool for you.

Today, Finax offers an absolutely unrivaled product on the Slovak market, not just in terms of costs. Thanks to low fees and a passive approach to investing through ETF index funds, our portfolios perform well above other investment alternatives on the market.

In addition, Intelligent Investing return is completely tax-exempt after a year. The attractiveness of Finax also lies in the risk management. Investments are perfectly distributed among thousands of securities and the ratio between yield and risk is one of the highest in the market.

Just these parameters of Intelligent Investing make it an ideal place for savings. But we do not focus only on new investors. We also try to make our products even more favorable for people that already invest.

If you already invest with someone, you are very likely not maximizing your investment, whether you have money in Amundi, C-Quadrat, equity funds in banks, mixed bank funds, IADs or building society account.

If you care about your money and want to invest more effectively, you have the option to move your investments to Finax. We remunerate such a transfer with a discount. We will manage 10% of the value of transferred investment free of charge for 5 years. With this discount, you can reduce the already low fee even more.

For example, if you invested EUR 10 000 in mutual funds and you choose to sell and transfer the funds to us, we will manage the EUR 1000 in your account free of charge for the next 5 years.

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How can you receive the discount of 10% on portfolio management?

The following products are considered to be an investment on which we grant a transfer discount: investment in mutual funds, securities purchased directly in banks, at investment firms or through their managed portfolios (ETFs, bonds, equities, certificates), investment life insurance or building society account.

The minimum amount of the transferred investment to be eligible for discount is EUR 1000, i.e. the minimum discount is EUR 100 managed free of charge.

The easiest way of transferring an investment and obtaining a discount is to sell it and withdraw the money at your current financial institution. Your funds must be paid out to your bank account and after that they can be transferred to your Finax account.

You receive a discount from the date the funds are received in your Finax investment account or from the date of the receipt of the documents attesting the completion of the investment. You can choose an investment account to which we will credit the discount, or we can split it between multiple accounts if all of them are openned in Finax.

To be eligible for discount, you must transfer funds to Finax no later than 30 days after the end of the previous investment, i. e. from the return of participation certificates, the sale or payment of securities, payment of the surrender value of an insurance contract or building society account.

You simply provide evidence of the transfer of the investment with documents clearly indicating the termination of the investment, which you have to send by e-mail to (scanned or readable photo). The documentation must therefore include a clear confirmation of sale, the date of the transactions or termination request, your name and the value of the transactions.

Accepted documents as evidence of the termination of investment are confirmation of sale of participation certificates, confirmation of realized sales, statements from broker account, confirmation of termination of insurance, termination of the contract with the stated surrender value, confirmation of termination of building society account, or print screen from the online overview of the trustee/broker accounts, where the required parameters stated above are clearly visible.

It is also possible to complete the investment termination documents with the details of the payment received on your bank account from internet banking (printscreen / screenshot) if the termination is documented by e. g. confirmed request for sale or return of participation certificates, termination of insurance contract/building society account.

All discounts offered by Finax can be combined. In addition to the discount on transferred investment, we offer a discount on online identity verification or friends referral discount. Because of this, if the Intelligent Investor is active enough, Finax account can be managed completely free of charge.

Achieve higher returns 

Try invest tax smart with low cost ETF funds.

Do not hesitate when choosing the place for your money. There is only one place where your assets will work to the full potential. Also, do not wait until the value of your loss-making investment with a competitor reaches zero or earns you just enough to cover the pre-paid fees. With a better product you will overcome the losses much faster.

If you are interested in what investment product you are currently using, please contact us and our experts will gladly analyze your portfolio.

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Transfer your investments to finax and receive a discount of 10%
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