Free Finax account - how to get it?

Fees significantly affect the outcome of your investment. If you want your Intelligent Investing costs to be as low as possible or even zero, then this article offers you instructions on how to get your account completely for free.

Juraj Hrbatý | Our process | 27. April 2018

1. Discount for a friend refferal

Do you like our services and are you willing to share this information with your acquaintances? Recommend our services to your friends and get up to 10 000 euros managed for free both for you and your friend. For each recommendation you will get a discount from the date of your friend's deposit for the period of 5 years.

The discount rates are divided into three categories.

Free assets management value

Example: You invite four acquaintances to Finax. Three of them will save monthly in small amounts and one will invest € 30,000 on a one-off basis. That's why we'll manage you for a total of € 3,500 free of charge, and all every one of your acquaintances will get 500 € managed for free, respectively 2 000 €.

You can easily invite your acquaintances through the "Invite friends" section directly after logging into your online account overview.

2. Discount for a transferred investment

Transfer your investment to Finax and we will reward you.

If you are currently investing through another securities broker, or if you own mutual funds, or you have closed an investment life insurance and you decide to transfer these investments to us, we will manage 10% of the amount of the transferred investment for free during next five years as a reward.

Attend our webinars or Finax Mondays

We invite you to meet at Finax every Monday at 17:00 or to join our webinar every second Tuesday at 18:00.

You can document the transfer of the investment from another institution by an account statement or confirmation that shows the termination of the contractual relationship and the amount withdrawn. Termination of the investment must not be older than 30 days prior to the deposit of funds to your Finax account.

Example: You own unities in the value of EUR 5,000 at Slovak administrator. You sell them. After that you decide to deposit the 5,000 euros with us. We will manage 10% (€ 500) for free for the next five years or until your first withdrawal.

You can combine all discounts.

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Free Finax account - how to get it?
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