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18. June 2024

Finax Financial Wellness – A Unique Employee Benefit

At Finax, we believe that having your personal finance in order is one of the core criteria for leading a comfortable life. However, only a few care about their future to such an extent that they’d be willing to sacrifice time spent with family or leisure activities to gain extensive financial education. Therefore, we’ve decided to introduce it directly within companies.

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Promotion: A worry-free future with a free European pension |
1. June 2024

Discount ended: A Worry-Free Future With a Free European Pension

Decide on your pension now. Take advantage of the European Pension Promotion (PEPP), where we offer you free account management for a whole year. Want to keep your European Pension free for more than a year? Read on to find out how you can get even more benefits.

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5 Reasons to Start Thinking About Retirement Right Now |
24. May 2024

5 Reasons to Start Thinking About Retirement Right Now

You might be 20, 30, or 40 years away from retirement, thinking you still have enough time to start thinking about it. In this blog, I will explain why the best time to take care of your retirement is right now.

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