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Discount overview and higher invitation discount

We are launching a requested feature - the discount overview. On this occasion, we are increasing the discount for inviting a friend. In this blog, you will find out where to find the discount overview, how to invite a friend to Finax, and what discounts you can get at Finax.

Radoslav Kasík | News | 17. January 2023

Invite a Friend to Finax and Get 1000 Euros Managed for Free for Each

You can invite your friends and family to Finax and help them profitably build their financial wealth. For every realized invitation, you will get a discount of 1000 euros managed for 3 years at no charge. The same discount will also be given to your invited acquaintance.

You can also gift your discount to a friend. In this case, he/she will receive a discount of 2000 euros managed free of charge for 3 years.

To receive the discount, all you have to do is to send your friend your referral link, through which they will enter into a contract with Finax online. The discounts will be credited to you after your friend's first deposit is made. The condition for obtaining discounts is the activation of the account by the invitee within 30 days from the conclusion of the contract via the invitation link. 

Invite your friends to Finax

and invest at a discount.

How Do I Invite Friends?

Invite acquaintances simply by sending your invitation link from the mobile app or from the online account overview.

Clicking on this link will take the invitee to the online registration. In order for your contracts to be paired by the invitation and receive discounts, your acquaintance needs to enter into a contract via your invitation link. Once their account is activated, you will receive discounts for the invitation.

Only clients with an active account can invite acquaintances. You can send an unlimited number of invitations. Discounts in Finax are combinable, i.e., they add up. The invitation discount is valid for 3 years or until the invitee withdraws funds for the first time.

Finax Mobile App

You must be logged into your account on the current version of the Finax mobile app to send a link. Click on the More icon in the bottom right bar. Select the Discounts & Fees section from the menu to see an overview of the discounts on your accounts. To send an invitation, click on the Invite a friend button.

Discount overview and higher invitation discount |

In both cases, you will be taken to Send Invitation. Here you select the account you want the discount to be credited to and the language you want to send the invitation in. When sending the invitation, you can choose the app you want to send the link through and complete it with your own message. Or you can simply copy the link and send it according to your own preferences.

You can also donate your discount, giving the invitee a double discount. Simply select "I will also give the invitee my discount" in the account selection.

Web Account Overview

In the online account overview, you will find the option to send an invitation link in the Get a Discount section on the top right of the menu bar.

Here you will receive your unique referral link, which can be used toinvite friends to Finax. Choose the account to which you want to credit the discount, or gift the discount to a friend, choose the language of the invitation, copy the link and send it to your friends by email or any other preferred way.

Discount overview and higher invitation discount |

You can also share your link directly to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn by clicking on the icons of these networks. In this case, you can choose one of the three images that will be displayed in your post.

Discount Overview

In the discounts section (Discounts and fees in the mobile app and Get discount in the web account overview), you will also find a list of the discounts available on your accounts.

Discount overview and higher invitation discount |

Select an account to see if you have any discounts credited to it. The discount information includes the total value of the discounts in the account, their impact on the fee with respect to the account value (the actual cost of the investment in the account, including VAT), and the value of the fees saved due to the discounts.

In this section, you will also find an overview of the specific discounts on the selected account, the possibility to invite friends, and information about ongoing promotions and all currently available discounts in Finax.

Discount overview and higher invitation discount |

In addition to the discount for inviting a friend, Finax permanently offers a discount for transferring an investment from a competing investment product. If you move an investment to Finax, 50% of its value will be managed for free for 2 years.

Find out how to get the discount in this article.

We also regularly bring various promotions to our clients that can make your investment even more efficient. All discounts are combinable in Finax, that is, their values add up. That allows you to reduce the fees on your investment accounts to zero.

Invite your friends to Finax

and invest at a discount.

All discounts offered by Finax are combinable. Among the long-standing discounts, you'll find a discount for transferring investments or a discount for inviting friends. In addition to these, we also bring you convenient seasonal discounts. A general overview of current and discontinued discounts can be found in this blog. Thanks to them, if an intelligent investor is active enough, he or she can also have a managed account at Finax completely free of charge.

Let your friends know about Finax’s asset appreciation and invest even more cheaply. You’ll help your friends and yourself, as well as Finax, to grow. Consequently, we will be able to improve and further discountour services to you.

Thank you for your feedback. These changes were based on your suggestions in the invitation questionnaire. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know by emailing

Radoslav Kasík
Radoslav Kasík
Head of Sales Strategy
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