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Invest as the richest Slovak

Finax makes the account of the richest Slovak transparent. See how Ivan Chrenko, a majority shareholder of HB Reavis, invests and familiarize yourself with the investment opportunities that Finax offers. Invest advantageously as the most creditworthy clients, regardless of the size of your assets.

Radoslav Kasík | Our results | 28. November 2019

The goal of the Finax founders was to provide simple and profitable investment for general public. Since the very beginning of the first robo-advisor in Slovakia, Juraj Hrbatý and I have wanted to provide quality financial services for small investors, that were previously only available to the wealthiest investors.

The fundamental of long-term appreciation of assets and also the most effective method is the so-called passive investing. It is the cheapest investment approach where the risk is diversified. That makes it one of the more profitable methods of savings and in Slovakia it is also tax-exempt after one year.

The wealthiest Slovak Ivan Chrenko, the majority shareholder of the currently largest European office developer HB Reavis, is also aware of the advantages of passive investing. Ivan Chrenko sees the application of this approach also in Central Europe, where, in addition to London and Berlin, he is mainly active:

“Regardless of whether you are a saver or a private client, you must always seek the most advantageous method of investing for the long-term and with the least costs associated with it,” says Ivan Chrenko.

"I liked the approach of Finax and their efficient management through ETF index funds, so I invested with them as a client and also as an investor through our Growws venture fund, through which we acquired half of Finax's share," says Ivan Chrenko.

Slovaks still hold two-thirds of their financial assets pointlessly in bank accounts, where their value is lowered by inflation. The goal of Ivan Chrenko's transparent account is to show people the ease of investing, thereby encouraging them and inspiring them to invest.

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Richard Fetyko, portfolio manager of Chrenko's largest private fund in Slovakia with 14 years of experience from Wall Street, certainly influenced his decision. Richard also considers the index funds to be an ideal place to appreciate money of every investor, regardless of the size of their assets.

Finax brings investing to the still mainly conservative Slovaks and at the same time shows them how it works and what can be achieved with it. One of the biggest benefits of Intelligent Investing is that everything that clients earn will be tax-exempt and there will be no need to pay additional taxes on return,” says Richard.

Ivan Chrenko invested EUR 100,000 at the end of May in order to familiarize himself with Finax. In August he raised his total deposit to one million euros. The portfolio chosen is a balanced strategy with the 60% of assets in equities and 40% in bonds. Even in a short time he already enjoys decent return.

You can have a look into the Ivan Chrenko's account in Finax via the link or through the login page (the Login button on the homepage, where the link will be always available). With a transparent account, you can see all the features available to Intelligent Investors. Ivan pays all of the fees like any other client would and you can find them in the transactions tab.

Ivan Chrenko plans to make further deposits into his account in Finax, where he would like to increase his investment to several million of euros in the upcoming years.

"ETF funds are a disruptive financial innovation of the past decades that has finally made efficient and liquid money deposits available to ordinary investors," says Ivan Chrenko.

Depositing funds directly into a private investment account in Finax is seen as another display of strong confidence in passive investing and our business model, that we pioneer in Slovakia.

At the same time, disclosing shareholder accounts in order to show the environment, functions and development of the investment account is unprecedented. Our transparency in Slovakia is unrivalled and it has generated a positive response from the market. It is an undeniable sign of credibility and another unique feature that Finax can display proudly.

So far, you have had the opportunity to have a look into the Dominik Hrbaty's transparent account, which will also remain available to the visitors of Finax website.

Start to appreciate your money as the richest Slovak Ivan Chrenko.

Radoslav Kasík
Radoslav Kasík
Head of Sales Strategy
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