We approach the risk mitigation very responsibly and
seek to eliminate the risk wherever possible.

Risk comes from not knowing, what you're doing.

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett



graf vyvazenie

A correctly set portfolio is the
baseline for successful investment

Finax Intelligent Investing purchases equity and bond funds:


higher return but higher volatility (higher risk)


lower return but more stable prices (lower risk)

The composition of your investment will be tailored to your needs and capabilities. If you do not like to risk, you will invest more in bonds than stocks. We will build your portfolio based on your:

  • purpose of investment
  • period of investment
  • ability to bear the risk

The distribution of
risk is key to us

By diversifying, or dividing the investment between a larger number
of smaller investments, we reduce the risk of failure of one investment.

You are investing in most successful
companies in the world

With Finax you invest in the largest and most successful companies across the globe (such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Shell, Google, Apple, BMW, L'Oreal, Nike and others).

You own more than
13 400 shares and bonds

With one simple portfolio you invest in over
6 000 government and corporate bonds and
more than 7 400 companies worldwide.

We will properly set
even 10 euros investment

Wide-spread investments are being made available by Finax to each of you, even from only 10 euros per month.

distributed risk

Your investments are distributed within the whole world. Invest in companies from 42 countries and bonds from more than 90 countries among all continents.

Investment in
all sectors

Whenever you refill your gas tank, make a call, buy medicines, food or drugstore, you always transfer your earned money to the companies you co-own.

Risk distribution over time

The composition of the investment changes over time. Less successful companies are being replaced by more successful ones within the indexes.

You are investing through
renowned institutions

Your money is being invested through the world's largest financial managers who have been listed among
the most stable companies for years. In our portfolios you can find funds from the following financial institutions:

BlackRock is the largest Financial Planning & Investment management provider in the world with AUM equalling
5 trillion euros. Their iShares funds are the flagship of investing in ETFs.

Is the second oldest financial institution in the US, while the same time the world´s third largest asset manager with AUM equalling 2 trillion euros. Their index funds are being sold under the name SPDR.

Deutsche Bank, the largest German bank is the European number two in the management of index funds. Their index funds are well known under the name db x-trackers.

UBS is the largest Swiss bank and flagship of Swiss banking. Assets under the management of the bank is at 650 billion euros.

Rebalancing - maintaining the correct adjustment of the portfolio with double effect

The composition of the investment changes over time and deviates from your original setting. Some investments are growing faster and in the long run they get a bigger share in the portfolio than others.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the composition of investments from time to time.

This makes the portfolios preserve the risk set correctly. By rebalancing of the investment, Finax is mitigating the decline in investment by up to 9.7% on average compared to the market and increase revenue by up to 0.47% a year against the portfolio without rebalancing.

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trhove riziko

Market risk remains

We managed to minimize most of the possible risks. The only remaining one is market risk, which has been always eliminated by time.

Time is the greatest friend of investing, and thanks to the effort of the humans to continuously progress and innovate, humanity and the economy move forward. Any crisis has always been overcome.

Therefore, it is important to keep the time horizon of investment, thereby minimizing the risk of your investment. For example the Finax growth portfolio has managed to rise back to its original value since the 2008 financial crisis in 4 years and 4 months. In 10 years, the investment has reached 77% returns.

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