We approach risk mitigation seriously and strive to eliminate risk whenever possible.

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

These are the tools we use
to reduce your investment's risk



graf vyvazenie

Correct portfolio setup is a crucial
pre-requisite for successful investing

Finax Intelligent Investing portfolios contain equity and bond funds:


higher return but higher volatility (higher risk)


lower return but more stable prices (lower risk)

The composition of your investment will be tailored to your needs and capabilities. If you do not like to risk, most of your portfolio will be composed of bonds rather than stocks. We will construct your portfolio based on your:

  • investment purpose
  • investment horizon
  • risk tolerance

Diversification is crucial

By diversifying, or spreading the investment over a large number of smaller investments,
we reduce the risk posed by the potential failure of each included security.

Invest in the world's
most successful companies

With Finax, you can invest in the largest and most successful companies globally, including industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Shell, Google, Apple, BMW, L'Oreal, Nike, and many others.

Own more than
13 400 shares and bonds

Through a single portfolio, you gain access
to more than 6,000 government and corporate
bonds, along with over 7,400 companies worldwide.

Proper setup, even with
a 10-euro investment

Finax makes widely diversified investments accessible to each of you, even if you want to start from mere 10 euros per month.

distributed risk

Your investments will flow across the entire world. Invest in companies from 42 countries and bonds from more than 90 countries, covering all continents.

all sectors

Whenever you refill your gas tank, make a call, visit a pharmacy, or buy groceries, you will be transferring money to the companies you co-own.

Distributing risk over time

The investment’s composition changes over time. Less successful companies are being continuously replaced by their more successful peers in the indexes.

Investing via
renowned institutions

Your money is being invested through the world's largest financial managers who have ranked among
the world's most stable companies for years. Our portfolios contain funds from the following financial institutions:

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, taking care of more than 5 trillion euros. Their iShares funds are the flagship of ETF investing.

Is the second oldest financial institution in the US and the world´s third largest asset manager with 2 trillion euros under management. Their index funds are being sold under the label SPDR.

Deutsche Bank, the largest German bank, ranks second among Europe’s index fund managers. It sells its index funds under the acronym db x-trackers.

UBS is the largest Swiss bank. This flagship of Swiss banking manages assets worth 650 billion euros.

Rebalancing - maintaining the portfolio’s correct allocation with a double effect

The investment’s composition changes over time, deviating from your original allocation among various asset classes. Some of its components will grow faster, amassing a larger share in the portfolio value than others.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the investment composition from time to time.

This ensures that the portfolio maintains the correct risk exposure. By rebalancing the investment, Finax mitigates portfolio declines by 9.7% on average relative to the market. Rebalancing also increases long-term annualised return by up to 0.47% compared to a portfolio without these adjustments.

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ukazka rebalansingu
trhove riziko

Market risk remains

We managed to minimize most of the possible risks. The only remaining one is the market risk, which has always been eliminated by time.

Time is each investor’s greatest ally. Thanks to our collective efforts to continuously progress and innovate, humanity and the economy have always moved forward. Any crisis has gradually been overcome.

Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to your original investment horizon, thereby minimizing the risk of your investment. For instance, the Finax growth portfolio has managed to recover back to its original value in 4 years and 4 months after suffering declines due to the 2008 financial crisis. 10 years later, the portfolio was in a 77% profit.

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