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5. August 2023

Stop living paycheck to paycheck

The week before payday is the longest week of the month for many people. Are you also counting days until the payday so you can finally go on a shopping spree? Today I will show you a way out of this vicious circle of waiting for paycheck and consumption.

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16. September 2022

How to Handle Your Money Wisely According to Netflix?

The current economic environment in much of the western world combines elements of a "perfect storm" - rising interest rates, soaring energy and heat prices, and damaged supply chains formed a confluence of factors unseen for decades. All of this will impact not only the economies of states and governments but mainly the financial health of everyone - individuals and families alike.

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Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door | Finax.EN
12. January 2021

Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door

Have you ever thought about how the regular people become millionaires? The authors of the book The Millionaire Next Door, William D. Danko and Thomas J. Stanley, spent years analyzing the behavior of American millionaires. This book will show you the way to become a millionaire yourself.

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30. November 2020

Daniel Prokop – drawn by the vision of financial independence

My name is Daniel and I am 23. I work in the cyclical sector (in the car industry) in mechatronics in Malacky.

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Book review: Your Money or Your Life | Finax.EN
17. August 2020

Book review: Your Money or Your Life

Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) has become a goal of many people in recent years. The idea of early retirement and having free time certainly sounds better than living in a predetermined way: 40 years of work and surviving in retirement. Today, we will have a look at a genre classic from 1992 - Your Money or Your Life written by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, which represents the beginning of the FIRE movement.

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Book review: Playing with Fire | Finax.EN
9. June 2020

Book review: Playing with Fire

The book that transformed my perspective of personal finance. It stood at the conception of my attitude towards financial independence. A great book that forces you to think about your values in the context of your finances.

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Financial freedom - how to retire young and wealthy |
6. September 2019

Financial Freedom - How to Retire Young and Wealthy

Personal finance discussions in Central Europe are often centered around attempts to teach people to save and invest at least a small percentage of their incomes. In the meantime, a different trend is taking off in the West. An increasing number of individuals are setting aside a majority of their earnings in pursuit of financial freedom. Beyond acquiring material possessions, money can buy you something even more precious – freedom.

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