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Finax wins yet another award – Invest Cuffs 2024 |
26. April 2024

Finax Wins Yet Another Award – Invest Cuffs 2024

A golden and two silver laurels. We haven’t left empty-handed once again from one of the largest European conferences on investing.

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A great year for Finax: results and statistics for 2023 |
8. March 2024

A Great Year for Finax: Results and Statistics for 2023

Finax has had another great year. Our assets under management have grown significantly. We increased the number of clients, expanded our presence to virtually all EU countries, launched attractive new products, and even added a new B2B service. Take a look at Finax's 2023 results in our graphical statistics.

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24. March 2023

Performance of Finax and mutual fund portfolios in 2022

We bring you a traditional comparison of the returns of Finax and mutual fund strategies in the year that brought the longest bear market since the Global Financial Crisis. Has active management been able to defend itself better than passive investing? Or did Finax maintain its lead from previous years? The answers can be found in the article.

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24. February 2023

How finax performed in 2022

We continued to grow in 2022, which was a vastly different year in terms of the investment environment than the previous record year. Take a peek into the details of Finax's results. Discover interesting statistics about who our clients are and how we're doing.

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19. July 2022

Finax Has Increased Its Capital – Stronger and Safer Once Again

In addition to improving the quality of services and expanding its offering, Finax keeps in mind the safety of client assets and the stability of its business. We are constantly progressing in this area as well. Most recently, we have increased our capital. Learn what this move means for our clients and why we took it.

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