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When to opt for Smart Deposit and when for the Intelligent Wallet? |
19. April 2024

When to Opt for the Smart Deposit and When for the Intelligent Wallet?

Despite the need to grow our wealth in the long run, all of us have numerous short-term goals. For such cases, we offer two products, the Smart Deposit and the Intelligent Wallet. A large chunk of intelligent investors tends to fumble when deciding which of the two to choose. Here is a guide on how to pick the right one according to your life situation.

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28. July 2023

Do You Want to Get Rich? Invest Long-Term

Warren Buffett, one of the richest people in the world, bought his first stocks at the age of 11 and continues to buy them even today. At the same time, he says: "I regret that I did not start investing earlier". Buffett's path to wealth is the embodiment of the compound interest principle. In fact, he earned 99% of his fortune after the age of 50.

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14. July 2023

Semi-Annual Investment Comparison: How Did Finax and Funds Ride the Market Recovery Wave?

We have experienced a six-month period in which markets have started to recover from last year's declines. Read our regular comparison of the performance of the Finax passive portfolios and the most popular mutual funds. Find out which players missed out on the growth wave and which have offered the best returns over the past year.

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7. July 2023

Do Not Try to Time the Markets, You Will Earn Less

Every day, we witness the vain effort of investors trying to time their investments. Many people postpone it for years in the naive hope of a more profitable purchase. However, this is a pointless effort that robs them of earnings. In the end, those who are scared and speculate hurt the value of their wealth.

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2. June 2023

Should I Invest in One Lump Sum or Spread the Investment?

Investing is one of the most effective ways to multiply your wealth over time. However, when it comes to putting money in, there are two main approaches that investors can take: regular investing and a lump sum deposit. Many of us wonder which approach can give us the best returns and ideally limit the riskiness of our investment.

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12. May 2023

Which is more important: saving or investing?

It is said that investing is the key to financial success. In our pursuit of wealth, we often spend a lot of time trying to find the investment that will give us the highest rate of return. Meanwhile, it turns out that we may be looking in the wrong direction....

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24. April 2023

Interview With Artificial Intelligence About Investing

Our interviews have never seen a guest like this. We asked ten questions about investing and the answers were provided by... artificial intelligence. It resulted in quite an informative discussion about the investment world.

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16. September 2022

How to Handle Your Money Wisely According to Netflix?

The current economic environment in much of the western world combines elements of a "perfect storm" - rising interest rates, soaring energy and heat prices, and damaged supply chains formed a confluence of factors unseen for decades. All of this will impact not only the economies of states and governments but mainly the financial health of everyone - individuals and families alike.

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