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It's time for unmatched wealth management for private clients.

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What makes Finax Elite different?

We don't sell our own funds or bonds. Our wealth managers aren't required to fulfill product roadmaps, granting Elite clients unbiased services with no conflicts of interest. It's not only their high expertise and quality that makes them exceptional but also the price.

Private wealth manager

An investment expert

Managed portfolio

Completely worry-free


Purchases as you wish

Investment analysis

Find out the efficiency

Individual portfolio

For the experienced

Simple fee structure

With us, you get everything for one reduced portfolio management fee applying to you and your family within one household. No hidden fees, performance fees, or purchase and sale fees. Only one portfolio management fee of 0.85% p.a. + VAT. The Finax Elite fee reduction also applies to families, members of the same household with multiple accounts, whose total wealth held in Finax exceeds 100-thousand euros.

All you need to know can be found in our price list.

0.85% p.a. + VAT

From 100 000 euros

For Elite clients and family within the same household

0 €

For purchases/sales

We handle all your purchases and sales at no extra cost for you

0 €

For performance

We don't charge extra for appreciating your money

0 €

For account establishment/termination

You don't pay for account opening and termination

0 €

For withdrawals

Deciding to withdraw a portion of funds is costless

Michal Vaculík Michal Vaculík

Michal Vaculík

Head of Finax Elite

We turn myths into reality

Legend has it that private clients multiply wealth better. They pay lower fees, get better solutions, and maximize returns with respect to the risk they take.

In most cases, the opposite is true. Such services are usually more expensive, the quality is no different from retail offerings, and all clients get is a false sense of prestige.

Finax Elite turns myths into reality. We bring you benefits such as independence, lower price, objective risk assessment, and higher wealth appreciation.

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Private client goals

Wealth building

Appreciate your wealth efficiently, with low fees and tax exemption.

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Intelligent Annuity

Do you want to continue appreciating the wealth you've built even while receiving an annuity?

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Intergenerational wealth exchange

Do you know that a portion of your wealth is designated for future generations already today?

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How to become an Elite client?

Elite's only requirement is that the value of assets under our management in the client account or accounts of family members within the same household exceeds

100 000 €.

Utilize a 2-year portfolio management discount of -50% for moving your investments to us.

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Why choose us?

Finax Elite does not offer products on which it receives commissions, which makes its advice independent and objective. The entire Finax team is made up of professionals with many years of investing and investment advisory experience. They are continually educating themselves and keeping up to date with current trends to provide you and your wealth with unrivaled care.

Each Finax Elite client is taken care of by a professional wealth manager led by experienced Michal Vaculík. A wealth manager is always at your disposal, professionally and personally ready to help you achieve your investment goals, set the right investment strategy, and educate and guide you and your investments.

Passive investing in ETF portfolios currently represents the ideal investment solution. In terms of the returns achieved and the risk taken, but also in terms of costs, taxes, or understandability, it has no relevant alternative in the market at the moment. Add a cherry on top of your portfolio in the form of an individual portfolio or a brokerage service.

The key to a successful investment is matching it correctly to your goals, needs, and risk profile. Investment preparation is the most important part of the investing process. The Wealth Manager listens, explains, educates, and adjusts to ensure that the investments match your plans, abilities, and preferences and that you identify with them.

We invest our clients' wealth exactly as our own. We prefer time-tested solutions that are profitable, acceptable in terms of risk, liquid, safe, and tax-advantaged. We do not search for unique risky investments, we do not attempt to invent perpetual motion, and we reject expensive investments. We seek to offer you investments that work. All you need is to follow the basic rules.

Ivan Chrenko

How does the richest Slovak invest?

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If you are interested in the Finax Elite service, leave us a phone contact and our wealth managers will get in touch with you to provide all the details.

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