The world of finances was not created to be fair.
It is built to make you require services
of advisers, banks, investment managers and most of all, make you pay for them.

We wanted to bring a fair and sound investment product to
the CEE market.

Dominik and Juraj Hrbatý
bratia hrbati

What is the story of Finax?
What has led to its founding
and what is our mission?

Finax brings a revolution in investing to the CEE market. As the first we are making intelligent investing accessible to masses. We want to offer the same conditions and benefits to everyone.

The story of Finax has kicked-off in April 2017.

The story of Finax has kicked-off in April 2017. Juraj Hrbatý and Radoslav Kasík are the founders of the company. They met by chance and quickly realized that their views on the Slovak financial market were identical.

Juro has been successful in building a Slovak securities broker CAPITAL MARKETS for 10 years and also stood behind the birth of a pan-European online trader. Rado devoted his professional life to one of the oldest broker and private investment companies in Slovakia, Across Wealth Management, where he worked for nine years, mostly as a portfolio manager.

Juro and Rado got connected mainly due to their dissatisfaction with the Slovak financial sector.

"My friends often approached me if I could tell them what to do with savings and whether they should invest," says Rado.

Unfortunately, in most of the cases he could not recommend the instruments he used to use by himself. Those required high initial investments, advanced financial knowledge, time and overall insights while taking investment decisions.

"The range of investment instruments available for ordinary investors in Slovakia is narrowed to bank products, obsolete mutual funds or individual accounts offered by securities brokers. All of these solutions are achieving pitiful returns. Their fees are extremely high and, in general these products are very outdated." concluded the founders of Finax.

Juro and Rado got connected mainly due to their dissatisfaction with the Slovak financial sector, which lacked financial products that would bring above average returns in long run and which would position the client to the first place.

Tax implications of investing is not being addressed in most cases.

The tax aspect of investing is mostly not addressed at all. Slovaks literally degrade their savings. Juro and Rado have decided to change it. The result is Finax.

We want to change the perception of Slovaks on investing.

We want to introduce intelligent investing in every household. We want to increase the financial literacy of people, teach them a few basic rules of how to properly invest, how to increase income from savings, how to build financial plans and avoid paying taxes if they do not have to.

We want to change the perception of Slovaks on investing. We want to prove them that investing is a simple process, that it is a fruit-bearing way that should become an integral part of their life.

Many of our acquaintances, even people from the economic environment, regard the financial world as very complicated. In Finax, we think it does not have to be at all.

We have chosen a universal investment approach applicable to each of you.

Paradoxically, this approach brings the highest returns in the long run.

Mgr. Juraj Hrbatý, CFA

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Juraj founded Finax after years of work in the financial sector. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Securities Dealers Association. He is the main strategist of the company.

Radoslav Kasik

Ing. Radoslav Kasík

Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Rado holds a Diploma in Financial Management of Corporate Finance at the University of Economics in Bratislava. He spent 9 years in Across Wealth Management, mainly as a portfolio manager. He is the investment strategist of Finax.

Fundamental Principles of Finax:

  • simple solutions
  • focus on investment goals
  • rigorous risk assessment
  • wide diversification
  • low fees and taxes
  • passive investment with regular rebalansing
  • limiting investor's intervention to the portfolio and processes

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