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Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey

We know how annoying bank visits are

Finax offers you the entire process of investing online, from opening an account, consulting, selecting the right portfolio, investing itself, to monitoring the progress of the investment as well as its changes and termination. With us you can do everything online.

Account opening and portfolio selection

Knowing your goals

To begin with, we need to know your needs and your financial goals. Therefore, in the beginning we will ask you a few simple questions to know what you desire, what form of investment do you prefer and what kind of investment is ideal for you.

Knowing your profile

Part of the questions also examines your so called investment profile. Simply said, it is about getting to know your relationship to risk. The law obliges us to identify your investment experience, the purpose of your investment, and the degree of risk that you are willing to undertake or is suitable for you.

Investment selection

Based on your responses, we will choose an investment - select a portfolio tailored to you, your goals, investment horizon, possibilities, experiance and last but not least your risk appetite. Doing so, we will minimize the risk of your investment.


The selected portfolio will be then introduced by us. We will outline the average expected result of the investment based on the historical performance of each type of financial instrument. But we will also show you how your portfolio might perform in the event of an unfavorable or on the other hand in the case of very positive financial market situation, so you know exactly what you can expect from investing.


We compare the potential result of the investment with the financial goals set by you. We will show you immediately if the goals are real, and we will recommend what you can do to meet them. We allow our clients to adjust their portfolio according to their requirements within the legal possibilities.

Knowing our client

If you are satisfied with the recommended portfolio and you are identifying yourself with the investment, we continue with sign up and opening your account. First of all, we need to know who is our client and how we communicate with him. In this step, you will answer several questions regarding your personal data and legal requirements.


Based on the acquired information the system will submit you the draft contract for signature. It also includes several elements of verifying your identity. You choose the way you want us to verify your identity. You then sign the contract online or through a courier.

Account opening

After signing the contract, we will open a managed account for you, on which we will manage your investment. Account of yours is accessible 24/7 online at www.finax.eu/en through the Sign In section.

Sending a deposit

The final step is to deposit funds on your Finax investment account. You are able to send your funds from your bank account according to the payment instructions given, or set a standing order in your bank account for a regular investment.

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Once the funds are credited to your managed account, we will make the investment. We invest in specifically designated asset classes using ETFs. ETF transactions (purchase/sale) are carried out once a week, usually on Tuesdays. In case this day or the day before coincides with a Slovak national holiday, the transactions will be carried out on the following working day or the next trading day, in case of a holiday in the country where we are trading.

Course of the investment

Online account

Clients can track their accounts online on our website. The online dashboard provides you with an overview of the composition and performance of your portfolio, performed transactions, account statements and so on. It also contains an active part with multiple functions.

Investment monitoring

It's not just tracking the development of prices of financial instruments, but mainly the monitoring of the fulfillment of your financial goals that you have set. At any point in your investment, our state-of-the-art system reveals whether you are on the right path to your goals and to what extent you are likely to meet them, with varying degrees of probability depending on your current situation.

Continuous advisory

The online investment overview offers you qualified recommendations. In case you are not on the right path to meet your financial goals, it will suggest a change in the parameters of your investment which will direct you to the right path.

Changes in investment

The proposed changes can be easily made online.

Portfolio management

In order to maximize returns and minimize the risk associated with our portfolios, we regularly rebalance them. To the greatest extent possible, we maintain the asset class allocation of the investment at the initial level throughout the life of the investment (the original chosen allocation). Portfolio rebalancing dates are not pre-determined but are carried out based on the evolution of the portfolio and changes in its parameters. Rebalancing is automated - it is evaluated and executed by an algorithm.

Tax considerations

The system continuously confronts changes initiated by you and changes resulting from portfolio management with the tax aspect of the investment. From our side, rebalancing and other components of portfolio management are carried out so that they are exempt from tax in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic. When you make changes to your portfolio, we will alert you to the potential generation of taxable income.

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Investment termination


You can terminate your investment at any time. Your funds will be available almost immediately. Transactions are usually carried out every Tuesday. Selling your investment and transferring the funds to your personal bank account may take between 3 to 10 days after receiving your order to terminate the investment.

Adhering to the horizon

We recommend that you keep your chosen horizon. Premature termination of your investment may lead to your goals not being met, worse performance, and investment losses. One of the factors influencing the selection of a particular portfolio is the investment horizon.

No fees

The termination of the investment, its premature termination and the withdrawal of funds are free of any charges.

Tax impact

At withdrawal, we will advise you how to lower your tax burden upon selling the investments.

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