Avoid excessive fees charged by banks,
insurance companies, and mutual funds.

In order to become wealthy, you need to earn money while you're asleep.

Dominik Hrbatý
Dominik Hrbatý

We Are an Online Advisor

By leveraging technology and automation, Finax offers groundbreaking investment services in Slovakia, surpassing traditional banks, mutual funds, and insurance companies. Finax delivers higher returns, enhanced convenience, and utmost satisfaction.

Benefits brought to you by Finax:


Technology remains unbiased.

Irrespective of your appearance, beliefs, asset size, or income, we deliver high-quality services and guidance to all clients. We treat everyone equally, whether they invest €1,000 or €100,000.


Online products and technologies are cheaper.

Financial advisors, private bankers, and bank staff require compensation, which is reflected in the prices of traditional financial products. That’s why Finax keeps its fees low. We ensure that our financial advisors add extra value to your service.


Devote your time to family, work, and hobbies.

Invest from the comfort of your home, receiving advice whenever you need it. You determine when to manage your personal finances. We are available 24/7, providing round-the-clock assistance.

Emotion-free investing

Investors themselves are the main enemies of their returns.

Technologies are not subject to emotions. Numerous studies have shown that investor emotions are the most significant contributor to poor investment performance.

Free of charge

Your profits come at no cost.

While most managers charge 10% to 20% of your earnings as performance fees, we invest in ETFs that replicate market performance. Market profits are naturally earned, and we do not charge any additional fees for them.


We do not receive compensation from funds.

Our portfolios do not include any funds for which we receive income. They also do not contain our own funds. This fosters objectivity in managing your assets.


Investing is not complicated at all.

Traditional players often discourage understanding investment principles, aiming to maintain your dependency on their expertise. At Finax, we strive to educate and make investing accessible to everyone.


Fair and revenue-oriented services.

No hidden charges, transaction fees, rebalancing fees, account management fees, or performance fees. We provide transparent portfolios and management rules, ensuring clarity for our clients.

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