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Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

Simple fee structure for managed portfolios

0 €

For ETF purchase/sale

We make all purchases and sales for you for free.

0 €

For performance

We do not charge any performance fee.

0 €

For establishment/ termination

You do not pay for establishment or termination of your account.

0 €

For withdrawal from account

In case you decide to withdraw a part of your money, it does not cost you anything.

1% +VAT (20%)

For portfolio management

Annual fee from the value of the asset under management
covered aliquotely on a monthly basis

What the service includes:
  • Widely diversified portfolio
  • Possibility to invest from 20 € per month
  • Tax optimization
  • Automated rebalancing.

0 %

Payment processing fee

valid for deposits of 1 000 € and over

1% +VAT (20%)

Payment processing fee

valid only for deposits below 1 000 €

Finax Elite

0.85% +VAT (20%)

For portfolio management
for Finax Elite clients

The condition is the total asset value of at least 100 000 Euros in Finax


Payment processing fee

Applies to all deposits

Investment advisory fee

James Bond

In case you are interested in individual assessment of your circumstances, a financial agent or Finax employee may provide you with a personal recommendation. For such a service, the Client may be charged an investment advisory fee up to 4%, of the Target savings amount, about which the Client will be informed prior to the provision of the Service.

Take advantage of our discounts

Discount for inviting friends

Check the ongoing promotions to obtain an even higher discount.

Recommend Finax to your friends and get up to 1 000 € managed free of charge for yourself and for your friend.

Discount for transferring your investment

Transfer your investment to us and we'll reward you by managing 50% of the investment amount transferred free of charge. More information in FAQ

Frequently asked questions on fees

  1. How much does Finax charge for its services?
  2. How is the fee calculated?
  3. Do I pay any fees in case I decide to terminate my account?
  4. What discounts do you offer?
  5. Can discounts be combined?
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