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A unique payout portfolio that makes the most out of your savings.

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What is the Annuity?

Investing represents a period of wealth building. Afterward, you can start enjoying the assets you have acquired. Passive monthly income is, after all, the goal of every investor. And that's the purpose of our Annuity. It's a unique solution to a payout portfolio.

Monthly income

Low fee

Adjustable amount

Tax exemption

Optimal risk

Always accessible

Who is the annuity for?

For anyone who has built wealth, becoming financially secure.
Whether you've invested, inherited, or sold your business, Finax offers you the ideal automated solution for long-term wealth drawdown, retirement, and passive income. We have brought a revolutionary product with a minimum investment of €50,000.
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Your Future

To your liking

Seeking to preserve your wealth or rather to enjoy it fully? We will suggest the ideal monthly amount and increase it each year to account for inflation. You can always adjust the income amount.

Money Works

And you're enjoying it

Your wealth will be invested. Set the horizon, risk, and preferred target, and let us do the rest. The robo-advisor computes your monthly income, regularly selling a portion of your assets to send the money to your account.

Create an Annuity Plan

Higher Returns

Lower taxes

The Annuity continues to multiply your wealth even while drawing passive income. ETFs grant a broad spread of risk and attractive returns that are tax-free for Slovak residents after one year.

What are the alternatives?

The market offers several alternatives to secure an annuity. The state pension, however, is no longer sufficient. Our blogs have also described the disadvantages of passive income based on corporate bonds, real estate, dividend stocks, or the second and third pillars. Beware of low returns, inadequate risk, limited liquidity, tax and levy burden, time intensity, and high cost.

Annuity to your liking

Deciding how to use your funds is up to you. You can only withdraw as much money, as needed to maximize the likelihood of preserving your investment for future generations.
If you don't mind the value of your assets falling to or nearing zero towards the end of the investment horizon, you may prefer to take the maximum annuity income over the period you choose.
Another option is to fully enjoy the passive income regardless of whether your assets will last for the entire investment horizon.

What annuity can I expect?

In this model, we assume maximum utilization of the deposit over the entire period.

0 €
0 €
0 years
6 years

Past returns do not guarantee future returns

Represents theoretical outcome of a Finax model portfolio with 8% p.a. return with only asset management fee considered. Real return will depend on financial markets and outcome of your investment may be a loss. Presented investment strategy may not be suitable for every investor.


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You can open an account in Finax simply and conveniently online. Click on Let’s start on the top menu bar. You will get to the registration, in which you can select the goal of the investing (product) and answer a few questions about the intended investment and your profile, based on which we will choose a suitable investment strategy for you. You will then create online access, biometrically verify your identity, provide personal information, verify contact details, and sign a portfolio management agreement online. Afterward, nothing will be stopping you from building your wealth effectively. More information.

Finax was founded by Juraj Hrbatý, a seasoned financier with 16 years of experience, together with Radoslav Kasík, who previously worked as a portfolio manager for 9 years. The company's management is completed with Ján Jursa, Ján Tonka, Michal Vaculik and Juraj Šnirc with extensive experience from various departments of banks, securities traders, and asset management companies. More information about the Finax team.

Finax charges a portfolio management fee of 1% p.a. + VAT on the average account value during the year, deducted on a monthly basis. When the volume of client assets under management with Finax is at least EUR 100 thousand, this fee is reduced to 0.85% p.a. + VAT. For more information on the fee structure of Finax services, please refer to the Price list of services.

Check the ongoing promotions to obtain an even higher discount.

Finax offers several discounts, thanks to which you can make your investment with us even more profitable. We regularly bring clients various special offers, but we also provide several permanent discounts, thanks to which you can exempt part of your assets from the portfolio management fee: discount for inviting a friend or discount for transferring investment to Finax from the competition.

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