Think ahead and prepare for the future. There is really little
required to have a satisfying life even after retiring.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

Mark Twain
Mark Twain

Would you be comfortable with living on 460 € per month?
Or rather 1100 €?

In 2018 the average monthly pension in Slovakia reached 444 €. Retirement can be about counting every penny, saving for medicine or for paying rent. It can however also be active, spent on the beach or by travelling. Finax will help you to prepare for pension thanks to a miracle called a compound interest.

Do not wait for old age, begin to save today

The sooner you start...

  • the higher amount you get,
  • the sooner you can stop working,
  • the smaller amount you need to put aside.

If you start investing 50 € per month, beginning with your 20th birthday, with an estimated retirement age of 65, you could potentially retire with 240,000 €. That would guarantee you a monthly pension of 1650 €.

If you start on your 40th birthday, you would retire with only 45,000 €, which would result in your monthly pension being 300 €. If you start on your 30th birthday, you would receive a pension of 700 € per month.

Find out how does the age at which you start saving for your retirement impact the final outcome of your pension.

The chart illustrates the evolution of pension savings at 50 € monthly started in different ages of life.

What can I do for my better retirement?

It requires only a little, only an hour of your time.

Start to put a small part of your income aside to an investment account as soon as possible

  • It's never too late, or too soon to begin.
  • Excuses do not exist. We guarantee you will be grateful for this decision in the future.

Do not be afraid of stocks

  • Historically, it was always the most profitable asset.
  • Saving for retirement is long-term.
  • Long horizon minimizes the risk.

Invest regularly every month

  • Smaller regular amounts do not burden your budget.
  • They bring discipline and make investment an integral part of your life.
  • Increase revenues.

Create an investment plan today

I want to invest € a month.
My goal is to save for retirement
  • save for retirement
  • save for my children
  • create an emergency fund
  • buy a property
  • build wealth
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