Returns with us are on average 4% higher
than in mutual funds or banks.

The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

Higher returns with Finax
compared to mutual funds

Up to 98% of actively managed funds in Europe focused on global equities underperform the 10-year growth of the global equity market (SPIVA Europe Scorecard, Year-End 2022). Passive investing, in which you do not select specific titles but invest in the entire market, can be considered the most effective long-term way to appreciate your wealth. With us, you buy up to 80% of the world's stocks and bonds with a single deposit.

These claims are regularly demonstrated by the performance of Finax's portfolios compared to its competitors in the form of mutual funds sold in Slovakia. Find out how you can grow your wealth.

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Comparison of annual performance over the past 10 years as of 31 January 2019 of the Finax 100 % stocks modeled portfolio and average performance of the 3 largest global equity funds in Slovakia (AM SLSP Fond maximalizovaných výnosov, IAD Global Index and Amundi Funds II - Pioneer Global Select EUR).

We use easy solutions

For investment to be successful, investor has to understand it.
Experience and many studies prove, that simple investment
solutions are the most profitable in a long-term.

We prefer passive investing via ETF index funds

Stock picking and market timing might seem exciting, however, they usually end painfully. ETFs offer a very low-cost investment with wide spread of risk and above-average returns.

We have minimum fees

Fees affect the return on investment. Compared to mutual funds, for example, Finax's lower fees contribute positively to the long-term returns of Intelligent Investing.

Portfolios are regularly rebalanced

Automated rebalancing reduces risk and increases returns. Finax has developed a proprietary way of rebalancing portfolios that, on average, increases the return of dynamic strategies by at least +0.4 percentage points per year (with a 60% or more equity weighting).

We optimise your tax

Finax's portfolios are managed so that Slovak tax residents do not incur tax liability. Only with us will you get all the returns that you are due.

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