Intelligent Wallet

A short-term solution designed to protect your money from the effects of inflation.

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what is the Wallet?

Regular bank and savings accounts won't protect your money from inflation, earning mere tenths of a percent at best. The Intelligent Wallet is a conservative investment solution for money that will be needed in the near future.


Defeat inflation


Fee only 0.5% p.a.


Conservative saving


Short horizon


Minimized risk


Weekly liquidity

When to Use the Wallet?

Whenever you know you don't need the money now but plan to use it in a few months, or maybe two or three years. Do you want to save for next year's vacation or Christmas presents? Are you planning a wedding? Are you about to buy a property or just want to keep money in reserve? In our blog, we've outlined 10 cases when you should not let your savings lie around in the bank.

Spread of risk

Bonds, stocks, gold

The Wallet is a conservative investment rather than a bank deposit or fixed-interest instrument. Its value fluctuates slightly. The portfolio composition provides a small but more stable return.

2 to 3% Annually

Protect your money

In the long run, consumer prices grow at an average annual rate of 2%. We have designed this product specifically to achieve a return that covers medium-term inflation with low portfolio volatility and minimal risk and fee.

Past returns do not guarantee future returns

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Low fee

Only 0.5% p.a.

Simple things work best. That's why the Wallet has only one fee of 0.5% p.a. including VAT. The Wallet's structure also makes its returns tax-free for Slovak tax residents after 1 year of holding.

The bogeyman called inflation

Inflation manifests itself in the rising prices of goods and services. If you want to avoid it, don't leave your short-term savings in your current account, as their purchasing power will decline until you need them. Slovaks lose money worth at least 480 million euros in the banks every year. Read about our Wallet, which enables you to protect your money while preserving a minimum risk, preventing inflation from taking a bite out of your wealth.


Composition tested a thousand times

By backtesting thousands of portfolios with different asset classes, we arrived at the following Intelligent Wallet composition. The individual asset classes are not mutually correlated much - their evolution over time is not identical. When one part of the portfolio declines, another part experiences growth. Together, they form an ideal combination in terms of the portfolio's return and volatility.

Protect money from inflation

With the largest digital asset manager in Central Europe

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You can open an account in Finax simply and conveniently online. Click on Let’s start on the top menu bar. You will get to the registration, in which you can select the goal of the investing (product) and answer a few questions about the intended investment and your profile, based on which we will choose a suitable investment strategy for you. You will then create online access, biometrically verify your identity, provide personal information, verify contact details, and sign a portfolio management agreement online. Afterward, nothing will be stopping you from building your wealth effectively. More information.

Finax was founded by Juraj Hrbatý, a seasoned financier with 16 years of experience, together with Radoslav Kasík, who previously worked as a portfolio manager for 9 years. The company's management is completed with Ján Jursa, Ján Tonka, Zoltán Csiba, and Michal Vaculik with extensive experience from various departments of banks, securities traders, and asset management companies. More information about the Finax team.

Finax charges a portfolio management fee of 1% p.a. + VAT on the average account value during the year, deducted on a monthly basis. When the volume of client assets under management with Finax is at least EUR 100 thousand, this fee is reduced to 0.85% p.a. + VAT. For more information on the fee structure of Finax services, please refer to the Price list of services.

Check the ongoing promotions to obtain an even higher discount.

Finax offers several discounts, thanks to which you can make your investment with us even more profitable. We regularly bring clients various special offers, but we also provide several permanent discounts, thanks to which you can exempt part of your assets from the portfolio management fee: discount for inviting a friend or discount for transferring investment to Finax from the competition.

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